OC X Clementine: Will you win her heart?

An OC is basically your own character for a video game, TV show or movie.People will tend to ship the with another character. For example, I ship my OC Elsa with Clementine from TWDG.

Do you have what it takes to make Clem fall in love with your OC? Well, take this quiz and you shall find out! IT WONT TAKE THAT LONG XD :) (Its actually quite short)

Created by: Shazzy
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  1. You come across a young girl, around 11-13. She smiles and introduces herself as Clementine. How do you react?
  2. You both then go to look for supplies. Clementine turns to you and says: "N/A, have you ever been in a group before?"
  3. An hour passes, and Clementine says she is tired. She wants to find shelter. But there is a nearby herd. You:
  4. You finally find somewhere to stay after a long walk. Clem suggests looking around first. What do you do?
  5. You both meet back in the sitting room after finding nothing dangerous. Clem looks at you and smiles warmly. You:
  6. An hour passes, and Clementine starts to talk about her past groups. It sounds sad. How do you react?
  7. You both decide it's time to sleep. Clementine says she'll take the room closet to the stairs. What do you do?
  8. Morning comes. Clementine is the first one up. She greets you with a smile and says "Morning N/A!" You:
  9. You complain of being hungry. Clementine looks around for food. She doesn't find much and it isn't enough for both of you.
  10. It's been a week, and you start to have feelings for Clementine. What should you do?
  11. You wake up one morning, and Clementine is standing in the room. "Can i tell you something?"
  12. Your heart is pounding in your chest. Clementine is close to your face. You:
  13. You finally decide it's time to tell Clementine. How do you do this?
  14. Clementine is now blushing. She doesn't know what to say. You:
  15. You now have the chance to make a move. What will you do??

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Quiz topic: OC X Clementine: will I win her heart?