Which Leading Man are You, for better or worse

Have you ever thought about what movie roles would suit you best as a leading man, or how you would tend to approach your craft? Which famous leading man are you most like?

How much do figure actual acting talent enters into being a big-time leading man? Could you get by on looks alone? Could you make a career out of playing basically the same character in nearly every movie you landed? You never know what'll work out in the movie game.

Created by: T. Walker
  1. Quizzes must have between 10 and 60 questions. Got it!In this role, you are leading soldiers storming a German-held WWII beach. How do you handle it?
  2. You stumble upon a time machine and learn how it works. How will you use it?
  3. You land a role as a homicide detective. How will you go after the bad guys?
  4. You take a role in a zombie apocalypse movie. What kind of character will you play?
  5. You get a role as a cowboy on a cattle drive through Indian territory. How do you approach it?
  6. You play a newlywed house-hunting with your bride. What are you after?
  7. You are looking for a role as a historical figure. Who would you prefer?
  8. You get to choose which animal you get to play in an upcoming CG movie. What animal do you think suits you?
  9. Okay, same thing, but you get to choose a famous cartoon character this time...
  10. Consider the following proposed new movie titles. Which seems like the best fit for you?

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Quiz topic: Which Leading Man am I, for better or worse