What do You yearn deep down in Your heart?

Everyone has a yearning deep in their own heart, it is a matter on whether they would acknowledge it deep in their heart. But what will it be? It vary amongst different people.

Well, what is Your yearning? Do You wish to just throw everything aside and do Your own stuff? Do You wish for Your parents to embrace You once again? Try this quiz to find out!

Created by: Wild Wolves

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  1. After You retire, where do You want to live?
  2. If Your room can only be of one colour, which one will You choose?
  3. Out of all these decorations, which is the one which You yearn to have most in Your bedroom, if You can only choose one?
  4. If You can become one of these elements, which will You choose?
  5. A special ability that You would wish to have amongst those listed:
  6. On Your birthday, how would You wish to celebrate?
  7. Of all these feelings, which is the one You feel most of the time?
  8. If You can become one of these, which one will You choose?
  9. Which of these is the first memory You had in Your mind?
  10. Which animal would You choose to be if You are given the choice?

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Quiz topic: What do I yearn deep down in my heart?