How Deep Are You?

To be deep, what exactly is it? Enjoy and appreciate the small things and understand your role on earth. It is a very special trait to be deep. The deepness in your head determines how caring, understanding, apprecitive and amzing how much your small words a=can mean.

Are you really deep? Are you appreciative? Understanding? Caring? Do your words amaze people? It's in great mystery in character to be deep. Are you deep? Let's find out!

Created by: AweseomPossom
  1. What Book Title Most Interests You?
  2. How Would Your Friends Explain You?
  3. How Many Friends Do You Have
  4. Do You Have A Good Memory?
  5. Do You Often Scare People?
  6. Your Views On Music?
  7. What Do You And Your Friends Discuss Most Of The Time?
  8. Favourite Song?
  9. If You Were To Give Someone A Flower, What Kind Of Flower Would It Be?
  10. Favourite Colour?
  11. Your Style?
  12. What Are Your Views On Poetry?
  13. Your Friend Just Got Into A Fight With Their Parents. What Do You Do?

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Quiz topic: How Deep am I?