Are you a deep thinker

Many people in society seem to go with the flow, they don't think on their own, they only do what others tell them to. Some people though, think on their own and break away from the pack. They make revolutionary discoveries and much more.

Are you a deep thinker, or do you go with the flow. If you THINK you are a deep thinker, then you've overcome your first obstacle, now answer some of my question to see how you really think.

Created by: tyler
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  1. What is life's purpose to you?
  2. What happens after death?
  3. What is the value of a human life?
  4. What is love?
  5. Are humans animals?
  6. Do humans have a duty?
  7. Is war wrong?
  8. Do you ever question why we are the way we are?
  9. Do you believe other life is out in the universe?
  10. Do you think that fighting and hunting and wrestling are bad?

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Quiz topic: Am I a deep thinker