How Shallow Minded Are You

Are You Shallow Or A Deep Thinker. Do You Have A Blunt Answer For Everything Or Do You Like To Think Things Through. Do You Have An Opinion On Everything Or Don't You Like A Challenge.

Take This Quiz To Find Out If Your Seriously Shallow Or A Real Deep Thinker. Go On I Know That You Want To Know. Enjoy Please Don't Be Offended If You Don't Like The Result!

Created by: Lisa
  1. Is Being Thin Important?
  2. Do You Believe That Violence Is A Necessary Part Of Society?
  3. Do You Have A Problem With People Who Take Drugs?
  4. What Do You Think About The Labels We Give People (e.g. Goth, Emo, Yob, Chav e.c.t.)?
  5. Is Plastic Surgery Right Or Wrong?
  6. How Do You See Death?
  7. Do You Listen To Music?
  8. What Do You Think About Schools?
  9. When You First Meet Someone What Is The First Thing You Notice About Them?
  10. What Do You Think Of Reality TV?
  11. 'Deep Down Were All Bisexual' What Do You Think Of This Statement?

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Quiz topic: How Shallow Minded am I