Are You Big Minded or Small Minded?

There are big minded people, and then there are small minded people. Big minded people think that what's inside is more important than what's on the outside...and they really believe it. Small minded people are more interested in serving themselves to make themselves appear better than the rest. They would rather look good to others than to truly get to know themselves or others.

Are YOU big minded or small minded? Do you have a humble heart and a humble abode? Are you putting on a front to make others like you? Take this quiz and see where you stand.

Created by: Carla of Fat Cat Karaoke
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  1. Do you live in a modest home or an elite home?
  2. What size is the bed you sleep in?
  3. Your home is filled with mostly the most expensive items.
  4. Your car choice was based on social status?
  5. You refuse to pay full price for almost everything.
  6. You must dress in the current fashion.
  7. You invite people to your home just to find an excuse to show off that new high-cost item.
  8. You make friends just to say you have them as friends.
  9. During hoidays, you prefer to go to a hip social spot than to spend it with family.
  10. You prefer to spend time with a friend that needs you than to go out like you planned.
  11. You would rather make a homemade card than buy one.
  12. You exhaust yourself to keep up with the Jones's.
  13. You make fun of strangers who don't appear to your liking.
  14. If they aren't good looking, they aren't your friend.
  15. Good values are more important to you than good looks when you find a friend.
  16. What style transportation to you drive?
  17. This is your only mode of transportation.
  18. You support your household and you do not live alone.

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