Are You A UFO Nut?

There are opened minded people, there there are UFO Conspiracy Paranormal foaming-at-the-mouth freaks! Which one are you? Here is a fun way to evaluate yourself, or take the quiz on behalf of someone else and see where they stand.

Be honest with yourself and take a deep breath before answering each question. There are four possibilities: Total Skeptic, Open Minded, Certified Believer or Ravening UFO and Conspiracy Nut. You may be surprised and learn something about yourself today!

Created by: Admiral
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  1. Have you ever seen an unidentified object in the sky?
  2. Did this (or these) object(s) make any sound?
  3. Do you believe the government would deliberately cover up evidence of alien visitation?
  4. What happened in Roswell, NM in 1947?
  5. Videos of supposed "black triangles" are:
  6. Are we alone in the universe?
  7. Cow mutilations are:
  8. Over 4 million Americans claim they they have or may have been abducted by aliens. This is:
  9. I am a member of a UFO related forum.
  10. UFO related forums:

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Quiz topic: Am I A UFO Nut?