Which Paranormal Love boy is right for you?

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You've read Paranormal Love. (Or at least I'd hope so! :P) In the story, you get to pick your guy. This time, the quiz will do it for you. Just answer these questions and you'll find your Paranormal Love soulmate. :)

Did I mention there are pictures? Well, there are! I know I've described the boys in detail, but it was nice to finally find a look a like for each of them.

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
  2. What eye color looks best on a guy?
  3. Do you perfer guys who are shy or confident?
  4. Describe your dream date.
  5. Guys who break the rules: hot or not?
  6. You wouldn't mind a guy who...
  7. Since these boys are supernatural creatures, would you let your guy turn you?
  8. Which word best describes you?
  9. When you're sad, how would you want your guy to cheer you up?
  10. Pick a letter. (I'm sorry, I ran out of questions. :P)
  11. By the way, picking the initial of the guy you like doesn't nessasarily score you a point with that guy. *trollface*

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