How well do u know paranormal love?

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A lot of people followed Paranormal love, now are you ready for the ultimate test? This quiz was made for all the Paranormal love fans out there, so enjoy the quiz.

Are YOU a paranormal love addict? i know i am! i just loved that series so much! if you haven't tried it already then go ahead and search it at the top or bottom of the screen.

Created by: Alyssa pop
  1. What's paranormal love about in general?
  2. Who was you're best girl friend in school and the mansion and California?
  3. which one of these were included in you're powers?
  4. Which one of these people were evil in the end?
  5. Who was planning to kill all humans before he met you?
  6. Which one of these guys did you kiss first?
  7. Which one of these guys had dimples?
  8. which one of these people were step brothers?
  9. Where did you first meet Jace?
  10. Why did Anthony grow black wings?

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