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Hiya! This quiz was made for xxblutixx to read, but if you're not her, then I guess you can read this anyway, but you're not going to find anything too intresting.

So basically, I have an idea for a mash-up of Paranormal Love and Don't Leave me Hanging. I talk a bit about it in this quiz. Please comment xxblutixx, I want to know what you think.

Created by: Firey_Soul

  1. Hiya xxblutixx, it's Firey_Soul.
  2. So, you know by now that I want to write a mash-up of Paranormal Love and Don't Leave me Hanging.
  3. Here's the thing... it's probably gonna be pretty different from both stories, I kinda know how I want the story to go, but I kinda don't. All I know is that it's going to turn out differently than Paranormal Love and highly likely to turn out differently than Don't Leave me Hanging. (I absolutely can't make my writing as good as yours!)
  4. I've also noticed that with all the characters combined, there's a ton of guys and not very many girls. What I was thinking about doing was taking out some guys altogehter and adding some girls.
  5. Of course I'll leave Chris, Bryan, and Jace in the story, they're super popular. I'm keeping Anthony, He's my guy after all! I really like Ethan, and I know Stardust does too, so I want to keep him in the story. Perhaps I'll take out Nick... but then again, he's pretty awesome, so maybe I won't.
  6. As for your characters, I'm not going to include Owen in the story. I mean, he's cool and all but he didn't come into your story until later and I'm just not that attatched to him, nothing personal. I also might not include Justin, but it's more likely that I will. I was thinking that maybe Stella and Justin would make a cute couple...
  7. Needless to say I'm keeping Jack, Cory, and Kris. I love those guys! Blake and Logan need to be in the story as well, gotta have villains. (Even though Blake might not be considered a villain.) Blake and Logan could work with Jace perhaps. Should I include Heidi in the story too?
  8. One more thing about your characters... I'll try and do my best to get thier personalities right, but it probably won't be exact. Please don't hate me for that. >.> Oh, and I might make thier powers a bit different too, I can't remember everything about them, so I'll make some stuff up.
  9. About the story... well let's just say that it will have romance, drama, some comedy, and some adventure. It will be from several different points of veiw and _____... she will have a name. I'm not sure what yet, but she will. Everything will be written in the first person of somebody.
  10. If you want, you can create a character. (Preferably a girl, we have enough guys already! :P) Just leave your characters description in the comments along with any thoughts you have about this quiz. I know this is a lot to reply to, sorry. I hope you're in the mood for typing.
  11. That's all... I think. I know I'm going to re-read this quiz and notice that I forgot something but whatever. :P Bye!

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