How Psychic Are You?

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Dearest quiz taker, My name is Disturbed. I make quizzes to show paranormal and creative interest." Keep an eye out for my next quiz "What costume should you wear this Halloween?"

How Psychic Are You? Take this quiz to figure out. If you have a question or just want to say something about the quiz please leave a comment. Please rate, also. I love feedback!

Created by: Disturbed

  1. Can you see auras?
  2. Do you go through frequent Déjí  vu?
  3. Can you meditate?
  4. Can you move things with your mind?
  5. Can you feel others emotions?
  6. Can you predict when something is going to happen, before it happens?
  7. Can you sense things far better then some others can?
  8. Can you remember your past life?
  9. Can you communicate with the deceased?
  10. Can you make predictions, or tell the future from miscellaneous objects, numerology, astrology or weather?

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Quiz topic: How Psychic am I?