Test your psychic sense! (Is it Strong, Weak, or somewhere Inbetw

Everybody at some point has a little psychic sense in them! The little voice that comes in your head, the wierd, uncomfortable feelings you get, the repetition of dreams, all this is a psychic sense and there are many more! Now, we all are unique, so our psychic sense differ, some being stronger than others and some being weaker! This test will determine where you stand! Be sure to comment about your answer!

No, this is no quiz where you answer a few questions and get your psychic ability! This test has nothing to do with psychic abilities, it just tells how strong your ESP/psychic sense is. Ok, i admit it, the answers to the questions in this test may seem pretty obvious, infact, i'm sure by reading the questions, you will know the correct answer. But i garantee you, this test is accurate, or atleast i think it is, and you must be completely honest if you want a accurate and truthful result! Don't lie, or the result won't be accurate! So, find out within minutes, how strong your psychic sense is!

Created by: Kish
  1. Do electrical appliances work ineffectively when you are around?
  2. Have you ever noticed animals behaving strangely when you are around?
  3. Do you see things that aren't supposed to be there?
  4. When someone rings your doorbell, or knocks on the door, can you predict who is at the door?
  5. Sometimes, when you read a new book, magazine, novel, etc, do you feel as if the text is familiar?
  6. Can you often guess what a person is going to say next?
  7. Has it ever happened that you think of someone and later on that same person calls or visits you?
  8. Can you sometimes feel that your day is going to be good or bad and later on it happens just like what you felt?
  9. Do you have premonitions/dreams which turn out to be true in the near future?
  10. Do your predictions about the winners/losers of sports, games, elections,etc, come true?
  11. When you meet someone, can you tell his/her personality just by looking at him/her?
  12. When something happens, have you ever felt that it happened before?

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Quiz topic: Test my psychic sense! (Is it Strong, Weak, or somewhere Inbetw