Do You Have a Sixth Sense?

Ever had a feeling that you could have a sixth sense? Not like seeing dead people, or maybe just that. Do you think you have a sense of intuition and could even be psychic?

Well, take this quiz, see if you are psychic, maybe you are, and if not, well then you can work on it, and develop a greater sense of intuition. So take this quiz and find out already!

Created by: psychic_sprite
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  1. Have you instantly felt that a building was a happy or threatening place?
  2. Do you "know" that you can or can't trust someone?
  3. When the phone rings, do you often know who is calling?
  4. Can you "hear" someone's thoughts and verbalize them?
  5. Have you ever had a physical sensation of someone walking through you?
  6. When looking for a parking space, have you ever followed your instinct to turn down an unfamiliar road, and then found a space?
  7. When you wake up, do you feel something has been reavealed to you during the night?
  8. While talking to a person you've never met before, have you ever had a compelling feeling that something unpleasant would happen to him or her? And have you been told later that the person had been in an accident or had become ill?
  9. When you close your eyes to you sometimes see eyes or human faces?
  10. Do the hairs on the back of your neck sometimes bristle, putting you on your guard?

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