do you have a sixth sense

the sixth sense do you have it do you you lack it very few have and many lack it are you one of the different few that have it find out here only we know or do only we know or do others know as well

yeah i explained it all in the first paragraph so i shall just sit here and talk to waste words so my hand is cramping but that doesnt matter right now ill massage it later laughing out loud im funny ha ha

Created by: Micah Bales
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. have you ever felt the presence of another person
  2. can you sense or possibly experience the emotion and/or troubles of others
  3. have you ever seen a spirit/ghost
  4. do you have a very close sibling or a twin
  5. can you see a persons aura???
  6. do you think you have a sixth sense
  7. are you an impath???
  8. why are you taking this test
  9. is there a heaven and a hell
  10. animals are

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Quiz topic: Do I have a sixth sense