Do you have the 6th sense?

Well the tital means basicly do you believe in spirits and do you feel them too. So take the quiz to find out more...BLAH BLAH WHAT NOW TAKE THE QUIZ YEAP YEAP!!

ARE YOU A COOL PERSONE THAT HAS THE 6TH SENSE GO ON! the 6th sense is a sense of anouther world or spirit world everyone has it but few peopele use it or ever really truely concierly have it....

Created by: naiyafishnaida
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  1. Have you ever meet a spirit?
  2. Do you think Faires, dragons, and spirits exist?
  3. IS this true about you? I often feel like Something elses is there.
  4. Ok someone just told you that faires are going to come out someday, do you beieve them?
  5. You are walking through a forest and suddenly there is a change in engery you assume....
  6. Ok so how do you feel about rocks?
  7. If you were told that fey watched you how would you feel?
  8. Just cause what's ur fav. color?
  9. So do you think this quiz was weird.?
  10. One More! DO U LUV FISH!

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Quiz topic: Do I have the 6th sense?