Rebel's Love Story PT 2

Yay PT 2 is here

I saw Paranormal Activity 4 today and don't tell anyone but I screamed twice but IT WAS ONLY AT THE END OF THE MOVIE, that was sciddy(scared/scaring).

Created by: Oree
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  1. Ok, I've decided to post a new "Rebel's Love Story" every Saturday.
  2. RECAP: So Aiden pulls you close, so close you're about to kiss when....
  3. When he turns you around, points a gun at your head and has his arm around neck so you don't escape. "Drop the steak and I'll let her go!" he yells(not at you tho). You hear the sound of something drop. "I'm sorry 'bout that sweetie," he says letting you go and putting the gun away. Justin steps out of the fog, his usual brown eyes were red?!?!?!
  4. You run over to him and give him a hug. You look over to Aiden but he was gone. "I bet you're wondering about my eyes and how fast Aiden left," said Justin. You nod. "I'll tell you later but right now lets go to Dawn Spot," he says leading you to his motorcycle. You put on a helmet and you two head off to Dawn Spot.
  5. Dawn Spot is this teen hangout that you and Justin always hang at. Every time you two go there the bouncer, bar tender, hell almost everyone winks at Justin when you're with him even though you keep telling people ya'll are just friends.
  6. You two get there and head to your usual booth except Alan and Dean was sitting there. Alan looked scared out of his mind. Dawn Spot is for the tough, something Alan is not. As for Dean, he looked pissed off. "What took you so long?" growled Dean. "I had to take care off something," Justin said as you two sat down. "What are you two doing here? You don't seem like the type of guys that would come here?" you say. "Are you saying that Alan and I aren't tough guys?" asked Dean. You pointed at Alan who was shaking from fear. "Anyways, we brought you here for a reason," Justin says in a serious tone. "I know exactly where you're going with this," you say returning the seriousness. Dean, Alan, and Justin all looked at each other with a surprises upon their faces. You stood up, "FREE DRINKS FOR EVERYONE, JUSTIN'S TREAT!!!" The club went crazy celebrating. "NO FREE DRINKS!!!" Justin stands up and yells. Everyone, including you, groan. "Buzzkill," you hear someone mumble.
  7. "Listen, I know this may seem unbelieveable but you are a princess of the Supernatural World amd it's almost time to annouce a new King and Queen so we're gonna help you become the Queen," Justin say. You look at him, "How stupid do you think I am?" "Very but that's not the point," Dean says, "The point is we know that the other princesses could never compare to what you can do for the Supernatural World." "Wait, other princesses?" you ask confused. "You're not the only princess and that's why we need to train you so you can beat the other princesses," Alan says, "It's sorta like The Hunger Games except you're not fighting for food." "What am I fighting for?" you say sounding a little sciddy. "Your life," they all say together.
  8. "Wait, what about eariler with your eyes and Aiden, why did he tell you to drop a steak? Is he a vegetarian?" Dean folded his arms and Alan shook his head. "Not that kind of steak," he says, "the kind that could kill a vampire." "Aiden is a vampire?" you say which in a way isn't suprising. Justin nodds. "Why were you trying to kill him?" you ask.
  9. See you next time!!!!
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