Rebel's Love Story PT 3

So yeah I put a lot of effort into this one so I really hope you like it.

Guess what!!! SOPLIER ALERT In this one you'll meet ME! You will meet Princess Oree also known as Princess Awesomus.

Created by: Oree
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  1. Recap: You're trying to find out why Justin was trying to kill Aiden.
  2. "I tell you about that later," Justin says unphased by your question. You hate it when he doesn't give you the straight answer. "I mean, I don't like Aiden as much as the next chick but I wouldn't kill the dude," you say trying to edge him on to answer your question but fails. "Anyways, how do I 'enter' this world?" you ask changing the subject. Alan tells everyone to join hands and close their eyes but just before you do, he winks at you.
  3. You feel wind brush your face and someone taps your shoulder. You open your eyes to see Alan, Dean, and Justin bowing to you. "Princess ______, welcome to the Supernatural World," they all say together. A village that goes on forever was all the Supernatural World seem like. Just a depressing place to be, espeacially with the dark cloud that lingered around the village. You look around to see what the people were like. Some people didn't even have a regular head, some had an animal head like a frog or something. Dean saw the look on your face and said, "If someone gets their head cut off, doctors replace it with an animals head." "I see that this is a frequent matter but was that info suppose to make me feel better?" you ask. "No but I thought you should know that," he says.
  4. Just then a man with a rabbit head in a yellow and red horse-drawn carriage apporched you. "Princess _____, you best be getting to the royal dinner," the man said reaching his hand out. You looked over at the guys who were shooing you to the carriage. You took the man's hand and got in. The man whipped the horses to begin and they trotted away. You looked back at the guys who were waving goodbye. You waved back with a smile.
  5. The carriage takes you up a hill that's seperate from the village and the hill was beautiful. Licas and lilies were every where, it looked like fairytale with a castle fit for a princess. Oh wait, you are a princess! The only thing wrong is that the hill was beautiful but the actual village was run-down and ugly.
  6. The man stops in front of the castle, helps, and opens the door for you. You feel kind of happy cause no one has ever treated you with so much respect. "Oh, it gets even better than this. I bet you're happy that you're a princess," says a voice with a country accent in you're head. "Did you hear that?" you ask the man. "Hear what ma' lady?" he respond back. "Nothing, never mind," you say then enter the castle.
  7. An old man with a beard that runs on forever, an old woman who wears too much make up, and a teenage girl (your age) who was wearing a long blue and black leopard dress and a small tiara greeted you as soon as you stepped inside.
  8. "Welcome Princess ______. We almost thought you wouldn't show up," the woman says giving you a hug. "It would be a shame if the second most incredible princess wouldn't show up. It's a good thing you did though," says the girl holding out her hand as a sign to shake hands with her, she had the same accent as the voice in your head did. "Who's the first most incredible princess?" you ask shaking her hand. "Well it's me of course! The name's Oree, Princess Oree," she says throwing her hands up as if fireworks were suppose to shoot to the sky
  9. "This is my daughter and my husband,King Geruald. I am Queen Victoria," says the woman, "Oree, will you help Princess ______ find some...... apporiate clothing. You look down at your clothes, what are you wearing?
  10. "It would be my pleasure, your highness," Oree says taking you hand and pulls you through a billion halls until finally she stops at a door. "This is the guest room, I'm sure some of our past guests have left some of their clothing," she says opening the doors. You look in to see.....
  12. making this was very hard cause my laptop only works when the charger is plugged in but recently when I turn it on I have hit f2 and pray that the screen will come up but it barely happens. So I had to finish this on my dsi-_-.
  13. who do you love

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