This is NOT another love story: Garret

This is YOUR story. This is Garret's story with you. You are going to put the response that you would most likely do in a particular situation. Let's see how you'll feel at the end. . . .

How into Garret are you? Well it all depends on what you put as your response. Do you love him? Is he just a crush? Did you like him at all? Well take this quiz andfind out. . .

Created by: BlueClouds

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  1. Awesome you got Garret on "This is NOT another love story: Intro"! So lets say you're in . . . . 6th grade. You just walked into math, and you barely met him.
  2. Threw out the day you notice that he's in your P.E and core class too. You notice he looks at you.
  3. Ok. It's been rough for you to think. To think if u like him or not. you've been listening to your favorite sad love music on your bed, moping around.
  4. Time flies by and you decide that, even though you didn't want to love him, you do love him. You start daydreaming about him now, and can't stop thinking about him.
  5. You met him in September, now it's December. The Chrismas dance is coming up. You have talked to each other in class but never at lunch or recess. You decide to ask him if he wants to go with you.
  6. Well you decide to ask anyways (go you!!!) you ask "do you want to go to the Christmas Dance with me?". He smiles. "I was thinking about going. I don't know if I'm going." You take as a no. Then, he continues, "But if I do go, I'll go with you.". You start to smile. Your face gets hotter, you begin to blush. Then you go away after he hugs you good bye, smiling like a complete dork.
  7. Well the dance is tomorrow, and you were he only one out of your friends to get a guy. (because none of them asked a guy) he comes up to you and says "hey you! Well it's a definate yes now." you two have been talking about he dance ever since you asked. "really?! Wait. Isn't there a football game tomorrow?" He groans. You know that's bad news. "I totally forgot about the game! Ahh! I'll try my best to make it work out ok?" he says it in the tone he uses when he's not sure.
  8. It's time for the dance. He's there!! He did make it work! But who is he dancing with?
  9. You walk up to him and he sees you with tears in your eyes. "I was just showing her-" you cut him off, "you lied to me! You said you would go with me! You even asked me to be your girlfriend!" You both think of the day he asked you to be his girlfriend. He was happy, he told you to meet him in the school garden. After you said yes, you kissed, your first kiss. Now that means nothing.
  10. It was still early and your house is far. You decide to walk home, alone. You don't have any money for the bus anyway and you don't feel like dancing or talking. You cry as you walk home, knowing that you can't cry at home; your parents don't know you had a boyfriend. You always hide your life from your family anyways. So you just walk, stopping at the park before you go home.
  11. It's 9pm now, the dance ended at 7pm. You get home with your at the door. "Where have you been?!" your mom asks ready to smack you. "my carpool's wheel popped and we all had to walk home." you say as if it was true: lieing to your parents is not a new thing for you. They always believe you anyways. They let it go without another word.

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