What Magnetized Character Are You?

What Magnetized Character are you? Are you the genius, Timothy Hodge? Or the bold and young Oliver Hodge? Are you fun and snarky like Garret Clavin? Or the forgotten Max? Do you want coffee? I do. Enjoy the quiz and remember, I made it. I tried my best but I doubt it's perfect.

Description: To save you from rolling your eyes, Oliver Hodge has magneto kinesis. The ability to move metal. Its not telekinesis, its not super strength, and hes not flying around in tights. Oliver Hodge, aka Ollie, had no idea about his past. Hes pretty sure it doesnt really matter anyway. He only wants to know about his powers. Which happen to be the misused million dollar foundation for Charles Steubings problems. Ollie was happy with his family, 3 just-out-of-college boys Aaron, the responsible athlete, Luke, the hopeful actor, and Nick, the undermined model who wants more. Also living with them is the smart, witty Garret Clavin. Whos Ollies age, and happens to be his sorta-brother. Both of them treated like handy-downs, going from Aarons older brother Rooney, to Aaron Owens about 10 years ago when Rooney Owens died. (Its interesting how complicated this story really is) But the life thats already perfectly-unperfect gets a bit complicated, incase it wasnt tangled enough, when Max Steubing (Charles Steubings son) gets into business with Timothy Hodge. Yeah, you guessed it. Ollies real father. Not only is Timothy Hodge responsible for Ollies powers, hes also the guy who Charles Steubing has a serious grudge with. There is also True Andrews and Natalie Young, the two friends of Garret and Ollie. And along with all of the issues that were already there, Ollie has to deal with his father and his mother. If you think this entire story is a tragedy, youre completely wrong. Its the story of a family that isnt whats normal but still perfectly loveable, a boy who has to find his own future and his own way even though hes got more then enough drama dragging him down, the many human emotions that everyone must go through even Timothy Hodge who has blocked his for about 10 years, comedy and friendship, young romance, dreams, hope, inner strength And the start of a new legend. Boy. And story.

Created by: Roxanne
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback" is playing on the radio. Your the one who...
  2. Your best friend needs you. What do you do?
  3. There's a small fire. First reaction?
  4. How much do you know about your future?
  5. How loyal do you think you are? (1-20)
  6. I love you.
  7. What would you do with Magneto Kinesis?
  8. Last Question. I hope. Who do you think your like?
  9. Okay. One more. Cause I have to. Do you like puppies?
  10. This quiz musn't like me. I made 10 questions already! I made 11...

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Quiz topic: What Magnetized Character am I?