Which L. M. Montgomery character are you?

L. M. Montgomery is an amazing author with a talent for true character portrayals. The art of language she perfects with the finest stroke of words, giving her novels an essence that few writers can match. She is eloquent and endearing to her readers.

In a few moments, you will find out which character you are most like. I hope you enjoy this quiz. You might be like more than one. Each character is unique, yet have many simimilarities.

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What is your gender?
When traveling to a new place or destination, the main thing you notice on the way is
The view, because there is always something to see that is unique and special
The quality of the roads, tracks, or air turbulance. A smooth journey can really make a trip.
The company you're keeping. It's wonderful to have a great conversation while traveling, to make the trip go faster.
Your favorite flower is
Queen Anne's Lace
Your dream bedroom would have
a window seat with a view looking out over lovely landscapes
A neat and orderly desk.
Ample supply of writing eutensils, including extra paper and ink.
You enjoy spending free time most by
reading a dramatic romance
Writing a dramatic romance
Making something sweet and elicious in the kitchen
What is your greatest asset?
Your hair
Your practicality and sense
Your vivid imagination
What is your greatest fear?
being an old maid
That others think you do not understand them, because beneath your pride, you do.
That only one person who ever truly understand all the mysterious ways that are you
If you could choose one of these names to name your daughter, which would it be?
Jane. It is simple and sensible
Anastasia. It is beautiful, and very elegant
Helen. It is brief, yet carries much power.
If you could choose anywhere in the world to live, where would it be?
In the country, with beautiful woods, trees and peaceful sounds of babbling brooks
You were born for the city.
By the sea
How do you best fall asleep?
with the sounds of the night drifting through an open window
A cool breeze caressing your face
absolute silence
If you were stuck indoors due to inclement weather you would
Have a tea party
REad by the fire
Write by the fire

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