The Sea Is A Magical Place... Part 1

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Well, welcome to 'The Sea Is A Magical Place... Part 1'!!! This is about Illia Zayra, a nineteen-year old girl whose dream is to sail on the sea! There will be TWO GUYS, only two, that will fall in love with her, and in the end, she'll have to choose one of them. I think I forgot to mention that she loves both of the guys! Or does she? Well, here are the descriptions of them: Renan Dreyar - Short, copper-coloured hair and emerald green eyes. Tall, a little tanned skin. Incredibly handsome, and has a really sexy voice. ???? - Short, jet black hair and deep, warm and beautiful brown eyes. Tall, and very tanned skin, because of all the times he's been sailing. Just as handsome as Renan. Also has a very sexy voice.

Created by: DarknessOnMyEyes
  1. Okay, before I forget to say this, this is a quiz I got the idea from reading 'Love found at sea' by Wolfygirl. I'm not trying to copy her quiz or anything, it's just that I got inspired from her quiz. Okay, I think this is what I wanted to say.
  2. //21st March, year X789. Azalea, Etheria//
  3. There I was, again, standing on one of the many ports of Azalea. My dark, long wavy brown hair was flying everywhere, because of the strong wind. My light grey eyes were staring at the sea, as they had done so many times before. "Illia, there you are! I've been looking for you!" I heard my friend Eris call. I turned around, looking straight into her dark green eyes, where she stood a few metres away. "Why have you loosened your hair again? Illia, you know that your mother won't like it." Eris said, walking towards me. I didn't answer, I just turned around again. "What is it with you and the sea? Ever since you've heard that old sailor's stories when you were eleven, you've been completely obsessed with the ocean!" Eris said, pulling my hair into the bun it was in before. "What I don't understand is how YOU cannot be breath-taken from it." I answered dreamily back, still looking at the see. "Your father is looking for you, Illia. He said it was something about young men and marriages" Eris said. I sighed, annoyed. "I don't want to be married, I want -" you start, but Eris interrupts you. "- to sail on the sea, discover everything that is beneath these waters. Blah, blah, blah, you've already said that thousands of times! Illia, you're nineteen, you're incredibly beautiful, and I don't know how many young men has already proposed to you, but you keep saying no! I don't understand you! Look at me and Leonard, we have been married for four years and are really happy! Don't you want to have children, too? You love Hendrick!" she exclaimed. I sighed at her mentioning her little two-year old son, as she always did when arguing with me about my marriage plans. Yes, I liked the little boy, but it was because it wasn't MY child.
  4. "Well, you can tell my father that it'll need more than you to make me marry someone" I snapped. Eris sighed. "You made me do this." she said. Before I could understand what she meant, she called: "Leonard! She refuses to come! Can you help me a little?!" Uh oh. Leonard wasn't someone I wanted to ' 'fight' ' against. He's sure stronger than he looks like. "No! I'll go, don't worry about it!" I exclaimed, failing an attempt to smile. Eris laughed. "Well, just in case you don't, Leonard'll come with us." she said, smirking.
  5. //Fast Forward//"Father..." I complained. "No, Illia, you are nineteen, you HAVE to marry someone, or soon you'll be too old!" my father, Aragogh, whispered in my ear. "Look at him. He's good-looking, and he is from the Royal Family! A marriage between you and King Rurio's nephew is going to -" my father continued to whisper, but I didn't care about listening anymore. My attention had been drawn to the young man standing a few metres away from me and my father. His skyblue eyes were staring at me, and I had to admit he was handsome. He had short bronze-coloured hair, and what he was wearing didn't look like one of the costumes that the Royal Family use to wear. The pants were white, and the silk-shirt was pure black. It suited him. Renan, that was his name. Prince Theo's cousin. This handsome man was only two years older than me. Twenty one... I wondered why he wanted to marry me, the only daughter of one of the many merchants in Azalea. This guy should rather be together with the daughter of a lord.
  6. Unlike women should do since he's the King's nephew, I didn't look away from his gaze. None of us seemed very eager on looking away. "Illia? So, what do you think?" my father asked, unaware of the staring contest. "What?" I asked, dropping Renan's gaze unwillingly. "Will you marry him?" my father asked, annoyed. "I-I don't know. He seems like an interesting man, but I haven't even talked to him yet." I answered, glancing at Renan. My father got a strange look on his eyes. "Come with me, I'll introduce you to him." he said, dragging me to were Renan was standing. "Have your lovely daughter decided yet?" Renan asked. He had a deep, smooth voice, and I just wanted to melt. I looked at him as in a trance, wanting to hear that wonderful voice again. "Illia said yes." my father said, giving me a stern look. I snapped back to reality. I looked at my father, not able to believe what I just heard. "Wh-!" I started, but my father interrupted. "Yes, yes, she accepted!" my father exclaimed, smiling proudly. I stared at him, anger boiling inside of me. Renan smiled, happy. "Great! May I have a little walk with her, so we get to know each other?" he asked. Argh. Why are they talking as if I wasn't there?! It was my life! They didn't have the right to decide everything I did! 'Maybe they have' a tiny little voice whispered inside of my head. 'You are a woman. A girl. A girl in a world were the men rule. The DO have the right to give you orders, and you HAVE to obey...'the voice continued. 'Quiet!' I snapped/though. Without waiting for an answer, Renan took my hand and gestured to the port. I nodded, almost unnoticeable.
  7. "You didn't really accept, did you?" Renan asked, as soon as we were far enough from my father to hear us, or see us. I was taken by surprise. Was it THAT obvious? "W-Well, I said I didn't know. I wanted to talk to you first, know you better. But then my father just goes to you and says I accepted!" I exclaimed, angrily. He chuckled. "What?! It's not fair!" I asked, and even I heard how childish I sounded. "You really aren't like any other girl I've ever seen. All of them are lady-like, and has really good manners, and all that. I'm not saying that you don't have manners nor look like a lady, I mean that... It just seems like you're a special one." he said, looking at the sea. I followed his gaze, and once again was breath-taken by it's beauty. "What do you mean?" I asked, much more calmed down now. He chuckled again. "For example, I saw you standing, looking at the sea, with your hair out of that bun. You look much better without it, by the way. But a normal woman shouldn't do that. She'd keep her hair up, and not 'waste time by looking at the sea'. You don't seem to care about your appearence, while every other woman do. You're not afraid to show what you really feel, and don't care about what other people think about it" Renan explained. "You knew all that by just taking that one look at me?" I asked, confused. He nodded. "Hasn't my father tried to convince you I was polite, restrained and all that a woman should be?" I asked, still staring at the sea. "Yes, he did. But if I'm going to be honest, I didn't believe a word he said. Your father isn't a very good liar, I must say." he replied. I laughed. "So, enough about me. What is it like to be the King's nephew? I've heard Prince Theo and you are really good friends" I said, changing the subject. "You did? Well, I guess that's true, but he can be very annoying, tiresome and mean. But most of the time, he's friendly. He is right now searching for a good bride, in some of the kingdoms across the sea. I've just gotten back from one of the voyages. I'm a bit of a sailor, you know. The sea amazes me" Renan said. My heart almost stopped. My supposedly future husband, was a sailor? "Can you take me with you on one of those voyages? Please, I've always wanted to sail!" I exclaimed, grabbing his hands and jumping up and down. My dark red, long dress bounced. He looked at me, a bit shocked, but then smirked. "I'd love to, Illia" he said. "Thank you, thak you, thank you!" I yelled joyfully, and threw my arms around his neck. He laughed, and hugged me back. Just then...
  8. ... I heard the sound of cannons attacking. People in the port were screaming, and running towards the city. I saw a little boy, whom I slightly recognised, crying and calling for his mother. I realized, with a shock that it was Eris's son, Hendrick. I ran up to him, Renan shouting my name behind me. "Hendrick! Remember me? It's me, Illia! Your mommy's friend! Come, Ill take you to your mother!" I said, as soft as I could, trying not to panic at the attack. I kneeled beside him and stretched my arms, and Hendrick jumped into them, crying. "Illia! Pirates!" Renan shouted, now at my side. I looked at the sea, seeing it was true. In the sunset, was a big, beautiful ship. I looked at the top and saw the pirate flag. "We have to hide somewhere! Do you have a sword or anything, just in case?" I asked him, while we were both running towards safety. "Yeah! I have one sword and a dagger!" he shouted back, above the screams of everyone else. "The tailor's shop!" I yelled, changing my direction towards it. Renan followed.
  9. "Shh, it's okay, we'll find your mother..." I whispered softly to Hendrick, when we got in the tailor's workshop. I kissed his little cheek, trying to calm him down. Renan was in front of us, with his arms around me and little Hendrick, to protect us if a pirate got in. "Here, take this dagger. You can defend yourself with it, but unfortunately, it's not the time for me to teach you how to" he whispered. I gasped as we heard the door open(we were behind one of the couches in the workshop). Renan shushed at me, and peaked over the couch. He let out a breath of relief. "No pirates" he whispered to me. Hendrick had already stopped crying, thank God. I also peaked over the couch and saw Eris and Leonard by the door. Both of them looked incredibly scared. Eris was crying, whispering something that I couldn't hear to Leonard. "Eris? Leonard?" I called before Renan could stop me. Eris's eyes turned big. "Have you seen Hendrick?! Oh God, we found the babysitter dead, and Hendrick was nowhere to be seen!" she whispered/screamed, the tears beginning to fall harder. I lifted him, so that Leonard and Eris would see him. Both of them ran towards us. "Oh God, I've been so worried!" Eris exclaimed, taking Hendrick from me. She and Leonard hugged their little son, even Leonard with tears of relief in his blue eyes. His blonde hair was messy, and he had dirt on his face and his hair. Eris didn't look much better either. Her light brown hair had loosened from the bun, and was really tangled.
  10. "Thank you so much, Illia! I was worried sick about Hendrick! Thank you so much for taking care of him! And thank you too!" Eris said, hugging me and nodding at Renan. "We owe you now, Illia. Thank you so much for taking care of my son" Leonard whispered, even him hugging me. He shaked Renan's hand, thanking him too. The cannons stopped. "Has the pirates already gone away...?" Renan whispered. "I think so..." I whispered back. I walked up to the door, and was about to open it before Renan grabbed my hand, angry. "What do you think you're doing?!" he whispered angrily. "I'm checking if they are gone. Don't worry, it'll only take a minute" I said, trying to loose his grip on my hand. "Not a chance! I'm going!" he said. "No!" I exclaimed, in a high pitch voice. He smiled. "As you said, it'll only take a minute" he whispered, and kissed my forehead. Then he was gone.
  11. Ten minutes had passed, and Renan wasn't back yet. I was beginning to get really worried. "He'll be coming soon, Illia. Calm down" Eris said, watching me pace from the left to the right in the workshop. "Calm down! As if! I'm SO not waiting for him anymore! I'll personally go and drag him by his ear back here if he doesn't come back right now!" you said. "Do you like him?" asked Eris. I stopped right in my tracks. What if I do? I didn't really think about it that way... "I honestly don't know. I didn't really think about it so much..." I replied. "Who is he, by the way? I haven't seen him before. What's his name?" Leonard asked. "Renan. He's the nephew of King Rurio, Prince Theo's cousin. He asked for my hand to my father, and my father said I accepted without me agreeding. So I guess he's my future husband, now..." I said. "Argh, it's enough now! I'm looking after him!" I exclaimed, opening the door of the workshop and stepping outside. No one was there, but the street was almost completely destroyed. I walked towards the port, looking for a sign of Renan. I found him lying unconscious a few metres from the water. "Renan!" I shouted, and ran towards him. I kneeled beside him, trying to shake him awake. "Renan! Wake up! Please!" I whispered.
  12. Right then a hand touched my shoulder. I spinned around, to find a man wearing a cloak with a hood. It was already night, so I couldn't see his face. The full moon was high in the nightsky, and it lit my face up. Then I noticed the man was holding a sword, and he wasn't wearing the uniform the guards wore in Azalea. It was a pirate! I opened my mouth to scream, but he set his hand on my mouth. "Shh..." he whispered. I grabbed the dagger Renan had given me, and tried to slash the man. He had quick reflexes, so he dodged the knife easily. I noticed he didn't attack me with the sword, he just tried to take the dagger from me. Once, he was too slow and I managed to cut his face. He yelled in pain, and lifted his hand up to the right side of his head. Now he was serious. In a matter of seconds, my dagger was on the floor, and he was dragging me to his ship. I kicked and punched, but I didn't hit him once. I screamed, and he would just cover my mouth with his hand again. In the distance, I saw Renan waking up slowly. "RENAN!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, before the man put his hand over my mouth. As we were entering the ship, I saw that his hood had fallen off. The only thing I could see before entering one of the dark lodgings in the ship, was his black hair and deep, beautiful brown eyes...

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