Which guy will you love?part 2

Who will you pick?will you change your mind? Things are starting to heat up in the house hold and you stalker will soon become restless. Post any thoughts on feelings in the comments

Okay so for a recap the guys are Adrian:brown hair,glassy emerald eyes,funny,gorgeous,sweet Chad:dirty blonde, ocean blue eyes, studly,outgoing,self-confident Mark: light blonde, choclately brown eyes, smart,adorable,shyish Dillan: mysterious, black hair, icy blue eyes, kind, rebel, keeps to him self good luck! follow your

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  1. And... Suddenly yet another rock fly at you guys and hits Mark's head!! You look out the window and see a dark figure running into the woods! Poor Mark is rubbing his head with a confused look on his face " What was that!?" he says.
  2. You answer" It's Ryan again! he keeps sending me creepy, stalkerish, secret admirer notes!". Mark puts his arm around you and reads it out loud " I'll always be watching you, your secret admirer". Mark call the guys over and you tell them what has been happening. Dillan suggests that someone should guard you and they all start fighting over who should do it. You slip away since you dnt like seeing them fight and Adrian follows you.
  3. Adrain takes you hand and brings you to a room that you've never seen before. It's all glass except the floor and a stone bench and you can see all the stars! This is the first time you've seen the actual size of the house and it's MASSIVE!! off in the distance you see a beach,lake,forest,hills and a small city.
  4. You take a seat by Adrian on the stone bench." I come in here to think sometimes and I figured since you hav so much on your plate lately I thought I'd bring you here" he said. You snuggle closer to him and gaze at the twinkling stars. One shoots across the sky and Adrian looks at you with his dazzling green eyes and says "make a wish my love"
  5. He leans in and kisses you softly and you start to kiss back. He puls you up and stands to dip you and you share a deep passionate kiss that weakens your knees that when he walks you to your room he has to carry you.As you drift to sleep who do u dream about?
  6. You go down stairs for breakfast and you the guys a smile at your guys."Did the sun just come out or did you just smile at me?"says Adrian with a wink. Mark shots him an amused look and says"It's the morning you ignoramus of douse the suns out"."Hey guys no fighting in front of the lady" Chad says with a grin. Dillan comes toward you and leans in and brushes his lips against yours and says in you ear "8:30 hun meet me out back".you blush and proceed with breakfast.
  7. After breakfast the guys stop you except Dillan. Mark says"hey we need to talk to you" you get a bit nervous but Mark cut you off before you can say anything and says "we've decided that...."
  8. "... that all of us will protecting you instead of just having one guard. Also to give us all an equal chance with you you'll get one date with each of us and they'll come at random times.". You of course agree and now what Dillan said earlier makes sence.
  9. You wander the halls of the mansion and look into random rooms and so far you've found a hot tube, a green house with plants and flowers, a room with high ceilings trampoline floor and mirrors for walls, and then you find a gym where you also find...
  10. Of course you find sexy Chad doing crunches shirtless! You go over and stroke his abs he quickly pulls you on top of him and says" Hurry I'm choking on your hotness and I need mouth to mouth!".
  11. You and Chad are haha literally a hotmess :). As you're making out you trace his arm muscles,but then you remember you have to go pick out an outfit for tonight! You give him a kiss on the cheek and say you gotta go
  12. As you walk to you're room and Mark walks by you and spins you around and starts kissing you! Suddenly he stops and his eyes are saturatedwih hurt and says " remember me tonight". You give him an encouraging grin and say " of course I will" and leave him with a kiss.
  13. Your getting ready for your date with Dillan what is your outfit?
  14. You walk outback and find Dillan on his motorcycle with an extra helmet for you! You hold on tight and take off into the night(me: I rhymed!lol). You head off to the hills and stop at one that overlooks the ocean. It has a blanket and a picnic basket!
  15. Dillan sits you on his lap and you eat. He tells you about his past and that he used to always be in trouble until he made friends with the guys."I wish we could just ride of with each other but I dnt think I could betray my friends like that".
  16. You are touched by what he said and his crystal blue eyes devour you with passion. You kiss each other for what seems like forever and you fall asleep in his arms. You wake up with a note on the dresser (gladly not tied to a rock)that says" I will always cherish our date and remember our time at Lovers Hill".(no you didn't do it lol)
  17. You go out before breakfast to get the mail because you see a small package. Walking out side in pjs you wonder who change you!(me:haha u did but u just dnt remember) and you see that the box is addressed to and says "open me"(no effect)
  18. You open it and there's a note inside that says "turn around"...
  19. CLIFFHANGER!!!!LOVE YOU GUYS! COMMENT!! Who are you falling for?;)

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I love?part 2