They Love Me Part 23

PART 23! 2 more left! So....right now I'm watching Titanic & its so sad! D; lmao the final part of this will be on Part 25! Just a reminder. It's gonna be a big thing so don't miss itt!

If you know what these boys look like then thass good, but if you don't then please look at parts 14-16. I picture them with the "emo cut" because it's hot aha but you can picture them anyway you want :3

Created by: D|A|N|N|I|C|A (:
  1. -You sat there with tear stains upon your cheeks. The boys moved Dane to the lab so he could lay on the extra bed they had in there for emergencies. You were the only in the room at the time. & then you heard the back door open. You walked over there and peeked at who it was; Matt.
  2. Matt stared at you with his irresistable brown eyes. "_____, what's wrong?" He asked, breaking the silence. "Tell me what happened." You demanded. "What?" He asked. "Tell me what happened Matt, Tell me what happened with you & dane!" You exclaimed.
  3. Before he spoke, he took and deep breathe and explained,"We were in the lab. Just messing around. I don't know what happened that got us so mad, but we started fighting. Taylor & Nick caught us & broke us apart. I was in my snake form & I don't know what happened. Why?" "He's dead." You responded in a whisper.
  4. "What?" He asked in astonishment. "You bit him & he died." You said hoarsely. "I don't believe you." He said. You stared at him ready to give him the backhand but you kept your cool and said, "Follow me if you don't believe me." You walked over to the lab and you didn't turn back to see if Matt was following you because you heard his quiet footsteps. The lab door creaked as you opened it and you and Matt entered. You stopped at the foot of the bed where Dane lay, but Matt didn't follow you there. He stood there, staring.
  5. "I'll leave you here. I'll talk some sense into you later." You said in a sour tone. You walked out the door, but didn't close it all the way because you wanted to spy on Matt about what he was going to do. For about 2 minutes, he just stood there. You were about to leave when he started walking over to Dane's death bed.
  6. He ran his fingers through his hair and put his hands on the side of the bed, locking his eyes on Dane's cold self. "I'm sorry, man. I'm so sorry." Matt said aloud almost in a whisper. He buried his face in his hands and started crying. You couldn't watch anymore and walked away from the lab. You went upstairs to tell the rest of the boys that Matt was there. You opened Taylor's room & saw him just sitting on the edge of his bed staring at the floor running his hands through his silky hair. "Taylor." You said. He looked at you with sulken eyes and said ,"Yea?" There was a long pause. & you finally said,"Matt's here." He got up, his eyes were filled with hate as you mentioned Matt's name. He tried getting out of the door, but you held tight of his wrists and said,"Don't do anything you won't regret later on." The fire in his eyes faded and he silently walked out of the room.
  7. You notified the rest of the boys & they went downstairs. Blaze was in the living room Dakota's guitar, so you walked over to see how she was doing. "Fine." She responded obviously not wanting to talk about it. You nodded and walked away. Matt wasn't in the lab anymore and you wanted to see where he was. You then remembered Chris and how he was in the place that trapped you and jared and blaze. You took Nick's arm and he said ,"Ok, yea, right now, yup, ok, bye, I love you.Sorry I was talking to Jaelyn telling her to come over, what do you need?" You told everything you saw about chris & the man who struck Jared with the fireball and even your strange dream. "Chris? Wow what a dipsh--." Replied Nick. "What? Doesn't that mean ANYTHING to you?" You asked puzzled. "You know, you're really annoying." Nick said. Before you could do anything you blacked out. The last image of your head was of Nick hitting you on the head with a vase.
  8. You fluttered your eyes open. Surprised, you were still at the house sitting in a corner. Blaze was right in front of you with a pack of ice saying,"______ are you ok?!" Repeatedly. In the background you saw a huge bat fighting with Dakota. "What's happening?" You asked. You're head hurt too much and Blaze noticed so she said,"Quick, orb us to your room." You weakly nodded and in a flash you both were in your room.
  9. "Thanks Blaze." You said smiling faintly. "_____ I'm so sorry." She said back. "Blaze, what are you talking about?" You asked suspiciously. "I have to, to save Daniel." She took out a dagger from her back boot, a shot thing full of green liquid, which you learned from taylor was poison, and she dabbed the liquid on the dagger and she cut your arm. A big cut. "I'm sorry if it stinged too much." "Blaze, why?" You slowly closed your eyes and Blaze was crying.
  10. Part 24?

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