Embers Part One

This quiz is a paranormal romance for girls (or gay guys, but the main character is a girl). If you're interested in goth and punk styles and/or just love paranormal and romantic themes, then check out this quiz! It is my first series quiz so please let me know how I do and if you'd like for me to make a part 2.

Okay, to set the scene: your character is seventeen, female, has long black hair and blue-green eyes, pale, tall. Her name is Liv (last name not important at the moment) and you live in the south...pick a state. Enjoy! :)

Created by: Rayven
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  1. You smack your alarm repeatedly until you remember it's not a school day and your alarm shouldn't be going off. You raise your head sleepily and notice your phone vibrating. Hmm... You think. A change of ringtone is in order...
  2. "Yeees?" you ask into the phone. "Liv!" hollers your best friend Grace. "Guess what?"
  3. Grace laughs. "Okay, sooo there's this party tonight and I was wondering if you wanna come? It's gonna be fun!"
  4. "Sure," you answer with a shrug to yourself. why not? Could be fun. "Where is it?" "Lizard Glow," your friend cries. Lizard Glow is a local teen night club. Usually bands would play there and people could dance or find a table at the back and order something to eat. You and your friend go there a lot. "Awesome," you say. "I'll be over around six to do hair and make-up!" Grace trills. You make a face, though you know she can't see it. "I don't like make-up." Grace groans. "Lemme do your make-up once!" "No," you say. You hear Grace sigh. "Fine. I'll be over to pick out clothes." She hangs up and you roll over, hoping to catch some more sleep.
  5. At six Grace is at your house with a big grin and her hair and make-up already done. She has long curly blonde hair, light blue eyes, and dimples. She is shorter than you and sort of pixie-like. Together, you pick out clothes and leave for the club. What are you wearing?
  6. Breaking Benjamin is blaring when you and your friend push through the silver double doors and enter the club. Immediately you are surrounded by the scents of perfume, cologne, and sweat. Neon lights flash at odd intervals around the dim room. You squint in the darkness, waiting for your eyes to adjust. Once you are confident you can walk without colliding with everything in your path, you skirt around the edge of the club, Grace close at your side, and find a table. "What are you doing?" Grace sits in front of you. "Sitting," you say. "Problem?" Grace gives you a sideways glance. "Um yeah. Don't you wanna dance?" "Okay, who is having a party here?" you ask randomly. Grace thinks. "Um, I'm not sure. I just got the memo that a lot of people would be here, so I came." You nod. "Ah. Well, in answer to your question, no, I'm not much of a dancer and you know that." Grace shrugs. "Okay. But when you start feeling like a leper, come find me." With a jaunty wave, Grace melts into the crowd.
  7. As you cast your glance around the room, you notice a guy also sitting in a booth, across from yours. He has jagged black hair and is wearing a pair of black jeans, motorcycle boots, and a motorcycle jacket. He has noticed you too and is staring at you across the room.
  8. The guy approaches you. He points to the chair across from you. "Can I sit here?" You nod and he takes a seat. "I'm Bane. You are?" "Liv," you reply. Bane gives you a slight smile. "Live together, die alone."
  9. You smile at what Bane said and even chuckle a little. Bane's smile widens. "You wanna head outside for a minute? It's kind of loud in here."
  10. You and Bane step outside. The air immediately becomes cooler and you can see better by the streetlights...enough to notice what amazing green eyes Bane has. "So-so," you stutter, just beginning to realize exactly how hot he is, but you are cut off by a shriek in a nearby alley.
  11. "We should go check that out," you say. Bane nods and the two of you cautiously approach the alley. You round the corner. At first glance, no one is there, but then you notice a limp form on the ground...one you recognize. "Grace!" you scream and run towards her. Her T-shirt has a bloodstain over her heart and her eyes are vacant. A tear slips from your eye and you bite back the rest. Bane puts a hand on your shoulder and kneels at your side. "Is that your friend?" You nod numbly. "Best friend." "I am so sorry," he says sincerely.
  12. You let out a long exhale and look up. Sure enough, there is the silvery mist snaking up from Grace's mouth and shaping into a human form. This isn't the last time you will see Grace. You're going to get her back whatever it takes. Because you're a Soul Seer.
  13. Clifhanger!!!

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