Choose your own romance (part 2)

Yay! You're taking part 2! I hope this means you like part 1 :). On this part, you meet Kevin, your science teacher's nerdy kid who is your age.

If you took "Choose your own romance (date with Alex)", don't worry, that will be the only one of the guys who is like that, trust me. If you didn't take it... You'll find a great guy somewhere in this series :)

Created by: bfaithr
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  1. You're in science class and the teacher assigns the class a partner project. He tells you that he is picking the partners. You hope you don't get Alex, things have been awkward between you two since he asked you out last week. Your teacher says that your partner will be Kevin. You try to figure out who Kevin is, but you can't even remember a Kevin being in your class.
  2. Later, a super geeky kid with spiky black hair, thick black glasses, a striped shirt, slacks, and suspenders comes up to you and says "I'm Kevin, I guess we're partners. when do you want to get together to work on the project? It's due next week you know". You suggest the next day and give him you number so he can call you about the project.
  3. You have never seen Kevin before, and you have never heard of him either so you ask some of your friends about him. You find out that Kevin is your science teacher's son, he's homeschooled, but he gets the same assignments as your class does so whenever your class gets a partner project, he gets teamed up with one of the students (in this case you).
  4. That night at around 8 o'clock, Kevin calls you and asks if you can come to his house right after school to work on the project. You agree to that and he gives you his address.
  5. The next day, right when school is over, you rush to Kevin's house. You ring the doorbell and who answers the door? Your science teacher. "Oh! _______! We didn't expect you here so soon! Kevin's helping one of his homeschooled friends with his work..." You go into the room that Kevin and his friend are working in. "We're almost done" Kevin says. His friend walks up to you and says (to Kevin) "Is this _______? the girl who you said you were madly in love with?". Kevin blushes. "Go ahead, ask her out!" his friend says. Kevin comes up to you and says "I... um... well... I... uh... w-will you g-go out with m-me?"
  6. His friend leaves and you and Kevin start on your project (that's gotta be awkward if you said no). It is actually kind of helpful to have your science teacher there (not that he tells you what to do, but he does give you hints). You didn't finish the project, but Kevin is going to come to your house tomorrow to continue working on it.
  7. That's the end of pert 2, sorry it was only eight "questions" I kind of had writers block.
  8. I hope you're looking forward to the next part :)
  9. Please rate and comment, it would really mean a lot to me
  10. I don't know what to say...

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Quiz topic: Choose my own romance (part 2)