Choose your own romance

This is my first EVER story quiz. On this series, you have a choice or a cliffhanger at the end of every quiz. At every part you have the option to go out with a different guy.

This part, you have the option to go out with Alex, the bad boy. So do you say yes or no? Remember that this is just a quiz, so if you want to say yes, go ahead.

Created by: bfaithr

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  1. Your alarm clock goes off at 6:00 AM on your first day of high school. You get dressed in your awesome new clothes, eat breakfast, and head out the door.
  2. When you get to the bus stop, your BFF is already there. She says how excited she is to start high school, and you guys continue talking.
  3. When you are on the bus, you see a guy doing a wheelie on his motorcycle ride by the bus.
  4. When you finally get to school, you head to your first class--history. Like you'd expect, it was boring, but to your surprise, someone was absent... on the FIRST day
  5. You find out that the guy who was absent is in all your classes.
  6. Besides it being the first day, nothing really happened that day.
  7. The next day in history, you notice that that guy is still not there! Next is English, and you finally see that guy, he has black hair, a white T-shirt, a leather jacket, jeans, and you also notice that he has a brace on his wrist.
  8. Later, during lunch, you see him outside with his shirt and jacket off, and you see that he has super ripped abs and biceps.
  9. In math class, he notices and winks at you. He also passes you a note that says "Hey, your cute! Wanna hang out sometime?". Right after you get the note, your teacher writes an equation on the board and ask if anyone can answer it. Nobody raises their hand. Your teacher then says "What about you Alex? can you answer it?". The mystery guy (now known as Alex) says that he doesn't know.
  10. When school gets out, Alex catches you before you leave and says "You never gave me an answer, so how 'bout it?". You say that you'll think about it, you guys exchange numbers (and you tell him your name). Then he hops on his motorcycle and leaves. You keep looking at him (and his motorcycle) and your notice that it's the same motorcycle that did a wheelie next to the bus on the first day.
  11. When you get home, you call him and you say...

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