How well do you know My Chemical Romance

So I made this quiz to see how much you know about My Chemical Romance.if you are a true fan of them you would get them all right. So you should have not problem with this quiz

I hope you do go. No one usually reads this so ya. Please don't look the questions up on the web because thats not cool and that's kinda like cheating. So bye

Created by: Tortoise
  1. Who is the main singer?
  2. Who is the bassist
  3. When did the band get started?
  4. What was there first album?
  5. What is there newest album?
  6. What song did Gerard Way write after the World Trade Center collapsed?
  7. What award did they win in 2007 at the NME awards?
  8. What cover did they do by Bob Dylan?
  9. What song was renamed Party Poison?
  10. Who was kicked out of the band for stealing?
  11. Who are the current members of the band?
  12. What is Gerard Ways current hair color?
  13. Was it hard?
  14. Will you comment?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know My Chemical Romance