which mcr member are you?

Listen, you probably clicked on this because you're still mcr trash. Don't worry, I am too. That's why a i made it. Mcr lives on in our hearts as long as we keep believing.

Who from my chemical romance are you most like? This quiz will help you decide who you're most like. Frank, Gerard, Mikey, or Ray? Answer these questions and you'll find out!

Created by: Kelly

  1. To begin, what's your favorite Bullets song out of these?
  2. Did i forget to mention that it's only the four main members (does effect answer)
  3. favorite revenge song out of these
  4. favorite black parade song out of these
  5. danger days?
  6. conventional weapons?
  7. fav album
  8. who's your favorite member?
  9. fav color
  10. pick another emo band
  11. what do you consider your personality as?

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Quiz topic: Which mcr member am I?