My Chemical Romance QUIZ

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon! My Chemical Romance are an inspiring, world famous band and this quiz is all about THEM!! Killjoys, MAKE SOME NOISE!! :D

Some "fans" only like their older stuff and completely hate all the Danger Day's and Killjoys stuff which makes me sad ): I love all their music, I hope you do to. ENJOY TEH QUIZ!! :D

Created by: RandomRebekah

  1. Who's the lead singer of MCR?
  2. Who thought of the bands name?
  3. When's Franks birthday?
  4. Who is the youngest/oldest? (the youngest is listed first)
  5. Helena (So long and Goodnight) is about Mikey and Gerards _______ passing away.
  6. When did Ray start playing guitar?
  7. How many children does Frank have?
  8. When did Mikey stop wearing glasses?
  9. How long has Gerard been sober for?
  10. Frank learned guitar by imitating the frontman of Green Day
  11. What's the last song on the Danger Days album?
  12. What is Ray's Killjoy name?
  13. I can't wait for the new album!! (click the last one)

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