My Chemical Romance Quiz

I created this quiz because I couldn't find any new MCR quizes, and I kept getting the answers wrong because I didn't know when the quiz was made so... here :) enjoy my lovely, wierd My Chemical Romance obsession fuelled quiz

Do you know as much about MCR as I do? Btw, this quiz has all of the albums involved, so no new fan is gonna 100% :) It's not hard if you know the answers, if you don't it's kinda hard to guess :)

Created by: Helena Way
  1. How many songs are on The Black Parade album?
  2. What occasion is Frank Iero's birthday on?
  3. Frerard is a combination of which two members of the band?
  4. How old is Gerard Way? (July 2012)
  5. Who was the last member to join the band? (Not including Bob Bryar or any short-term drummers)
  6. In the Danger Days album, Na Na Na video, what was Mikey's laser gun called?
  7. Which member of the band has a child named Miles?
  8. I don't have anymore questions so... favourite MCR Danger Days song? (Pick any)
  9. Favourite Black Parade song? (Pick Any, It doesn't affect your score)
  10. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge?
  11. Finally, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love?

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