A Scene Love Story 7

Haha, I'm awesome! My foot itches... Oh well... The next quiz is going to be awesome! Hint: MCR... Bye! Enjoy my wonderful (but short) quiz! Ok I like pie.

This is going to be filled with awesome band names and you're going to like it... All Time Low! My Chemical Romance! Paramore! Black Veil Brides! Bye

Created by: Shut up, u dont need 2 no

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  1. I open the door, where Kack is wonderfully standing. "Hey," I say and he steps inside. "Wanna go upstairs?" I ask, and he nods. We climb up my hideous carpeted stairs and dart into my room.
  2. I quickly plug my iPod into my cheap iHome and the wonderful song Set The World On Fire by BVB begins streaming through the crappy speakers. Jack and I began spazfully spazzing in the middle of me floor because we're awesome like that.
  3. We continue our spazzing throughout the playlist, occasionally chucking random stuff at each other, until it's 10:00 and my dad calls from downstairs "Kaysee, I think your friend should be going home now!" We go downstairs, and we begin the "act" we came up with. Jack said "My family is out of town for the weekend, and I always get lonesome. Could I stay over here, just for the night?" He gives my dad a little "sweet and innocent little child" face, and luckily, my dad says ok! We go back upstairs and continue spazzing.
  4. We spaz, and party, and throw this stupid stuffed Domo back and forth, and eventually sleep that night, and then we go downstairs and eat waffles. So yeah, then we continued our "plan."
  5. We tell my dad that some people from our school are having a little picnic thingy at the park and that we wanted to go. My dad agreed AGAIN (he's so nice!) and then we each grabbed a random bag of chips and a can of Coke and headed off to our "school party at the park."
  6. There was no "school party," of course, and the park was pretty much deserted. We sat down near the river, and began eating our chips, and probably looked a little like hobos (oh well) Then, I tried to steal one of Jack's chips, cuz I'm "mischievous" like that, but then he picked me up and said in a playful tone "Never steal my chips or else!" "Put me down!" I squeaked, but actually, I didn't really mind. "Ok..." he said, and pretended to drop me into the river. "No!" I squealed, and of course he put me down safely on the ground. Then, he kicked off his shoes, and jumped into the river, and I did the same. We began screaming and splashing each other, and then a bird came up and tried to eat our chips..., so we started cussing..., then an old lady walked by... Good times, good times...
  7. Yeah, we're pretty awesome... So we got put of the river, finished our chips, threw away our trash, blar, blar, blar, went back to my house, dried off, you know, stuffs
  8. I am done with my quiz
  9. The next Scene Love Story is going to be REALLY good!
  10. Adieu, amigos

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