A Scene Love Story 5

Sorry, I said I was going to make this quiz the night I made A Scene Love Story 4, but I forgot. Oh well, I made it tonight! Well, enjoy! Have fun and whatever!

I don't know what to say, so I'll say random words. Voyage! Milkweed! Pork! Nyan cat! Peanut butter ninja! Tissues! Water! Clouds! Ducks! Toenails! Bye

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  1. So I was kissing Jack until I got a text from my stepmom
  2. The text said "where r u u better not b with that boy" I texted back a quick "no" and Jack looked at me. "You gotta go?" he asked. "yup" I said, and began to walk to my house. "See ya tomorrow!" Jack yelled, and I continued on my way.
  3. I opened the door, and saw that my stepmom was plating up some "dinner." "You want some? It's casserole!" she said, but I told her I wasn't hungry and raced up to my room and shoved my headphones in my ears, and Welcome to the Black Parade began to play. I just sat there for the rest of the night, strangely awaiting school the next day.
  4. The next day was a Friday, and I pulled the headphones out of my ears and brushed my teeth and stuff, then began to walk to school. I went into my school, and began shoving stuff in my locker, where I saw Jack again. I must of looked pretty glum or something, because Jack asked "What's wrong?" "Oh, nothing," I lied, but then I whispered, "Can we go somewhere private?" Jack nodded, and we went into a deserted classroom. As soon as Jack shut the door, I burst into tears.
  5. I started wailing about how stupid my life is, but then Jack stopped me. "Listen," he said. "Class is supposed to start in about a minute, but we can skip and you can continue and stuff." I blinked at him. "How?" I asked. "Just an old trick, I used to use." he answered. "When we get to class, keep crying, ok?" And just then, the bell rang.
  6. We walked into the math classroom, and I kept crying, just like Jack instructed. We walked up to the teacher, and Jack said, "Excuse me, Mrs. Clark, but Kaysee is sort of having a family issue here. May we be excused from class until things are settled?" The teacher agreed, and we walked slowly out of the classroom together. But as soon as we were back into the deserted classroom, I gave him the hugest high five ever. "Awesome!" I yelled quietly. "I know!" Jack answered, and we sorta did our Snoopy happy dance for a second, but then realized we looked dumb, so we stopped. Then I went on with my cryful complaining.
  7. I don't know how long we were in there, but by the time we were done, History was halfway over! We raced into our history classroom, and when we entered, our teacher gave us an angry glare. "Sorry we're late, Kaysee has been having a little family issue" Jack explained, and our teacher looked at us. "Well, continue on your project, you're behind!" she commanded, and me and Jack continued researching.
  8. "Aren't I awesome?" Jack asked after we had started our project. "Like the rings around Jupiter-endless!" I said, quoting from All Time Low. Jack laughed. "Awesome!" he said.
  9. Idk what else to add
  10. Bye

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