A Ghastly Love Story Part 2

Ok! this is part to of a love story serise i am starting call a ghastly love story. i highly recommend that people take the first one before they take this one. id be a bit confusing -_-'

in this part, you had a strange dream, and if you dont find out how you died, you could be traped on the earth forever! which lets admit it would get boring after a little while XD

Created by: invadermere
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  1. Your covered with blood from the neck up, your rists are burnt and bloody and you can't move. You hear a terrible hissing voice. "_______!!! If you don't find out how you died soon. You will be doomed to walk the earth forever!!!" A dark figure arose from the shadows and lunged towards you!
  2. You jumped out of bed, sweating and your heart pounding! You looked at yourself, not a spot of blood. You looked around the room, not a shadow to be seen. You sigh in releaf as it finally hints you that it was just a dream.
  3. you go down stairs to see David, and most of the other ghosts eating breakfast. You weren't hungery at all so you went right outside. It was a beautiful morning, the sun shining, the birds chirping, untill they were malled by victor. You walk over to him. "Having a nice breakfast?" You ask. Victor jumped around in shock at first, but then happy too see it was just you. "Oh. Good morning ______! You seem in a pleasant mood." He said while taring away away at his breakfast. "Uh...well not really." You said quitly. "..hmm, well would you like to, um, maybe come with me-" you cut him off and said "id love too." Victor looked at you happily and said "alright, meet me here in about 2 hours?"
  4. Well your going on a date with Victor...what are you gonna wear?
  5. You walk outside, and see Victor standing near the swing set(with his back to you), combing his hair. you walk up to him and tap him on his shoulder. He jumped and turned around but smiled when he saw you. "god. for only being a ghost for this short time, you've got the scaring part down." you smiled and asked what you two were doing this afternoon. "well, grab my hand and you'll find out." Victor said as he stood up straight and let his wings out. You grabed his hand, and right when you did he took off! You two were flying! high in the air, and it was beautiful! you two flew over cars, and homes, and people below. he finally landed in a clearing of a forest, and in the clearing was a small house. "here we are. Tyler isn't here right now, so we have the place all to are selfs." Victor said with a smirk.
  6. Victor lead you inside where he had a nice lunch set out. Even thou you werent hungery, you ate, and didnt say much, through the whole meal. afterwards you and victor sat down on the couch together and talked (well mainly he did) and after a little you told Victor all about your strange dream. "wow..." Victor said, "thats scarey...but if it means anything to you, i will gladly help you, and find out how you died." Victor said with a very sweet smile. You smiled and cuddled up next two him and you both feel asleep.....around 11ish pm... you heard a door slam open! and a grumbling voice, you looked up at Victor and noticed he was awake.
  7. A light flicks on and you see Tyler stairing right at you two. "whats going on?!?!" tyler yelled, his eyes turning a terrible blood red. "ugh! its nothing tyler!" Victor moaned as he slowly got up. "no this is something! you didnt tell me you were taking _______ on a date!!" tyler whimpered "aw is little brother gonna cry?!" Victor said mockingly. and just like that Tyler lunged at Victor, clawing, biting, ripping away at him. you jumped up imidently, and started yelling at both of the boys to stop it!!
  8. After a little more yelling from you and fighting from Victor and Tyler, they stoped. tyler sighed and walked out of the house. "im sorry ______." Victor then gave you a very passionate kiss "you should go out too go check on him. I had a great time today thou." he said witha short and sweet smile. you walked out of the house to see Tyler sitting on an old roted tree stump. you walked over to him and gave him a great hug. it was a bit unexspected for him so you felt him jump, but then he looked up at you "im sorry ______. that was stupid of me. and when Victor said he was having friend over, well i didnt think it was going to be you..." "its ok" you whispered "he stood up and he asked "...its pretty late, do you need a ride home" you nodded, and he took off. on your way home you told Tyler about your dream. when he landed, he told you he would do anything to help you, then kissed you sweetly on the cheek and took off.
  9. you walked into the ayslume and saw david talking to cameron. they both looked very happy as you walked into the room. "hey _____!" they whispered you smiled and said hi, and then sat down with them. You all talked for a while and you also told them about your strange dream. "thats weird _______. i havent had a dream like that...at least not yet." David said. "i know." ypu wimpered. eiether way both the boys agreed to help you in anyway shape or form they can.
  10. ok thats the end of part 2...who do you like?

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