summer camp love story part 2

ok this is the second quiz i have made (there is a first one summer camp love story) and yea....i hope you like this one =)

ok here are the people if you forgot farron-blonde hair blue eyes, sporty...Andrew- black hair green eyes glasses booklover... chris- black hair gray eyes emo goth...robert-brown hair blue eyes video gamer lover...and Cameron- brown hair brown eyes and he is the funny one.

Created by: cantstoplaughing

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  1. You wake up at 6 in the morning to an alarm clock going off...girls moaning and saying they dont wanna get up....and a consular that yells "Who set the dam alarm clock to 6?!? we dont have to get up for another 2 hours!!" everyone but you goes back to sleep.
  2. Once your about to close your eyes (cuz you are kinda tried) your phone starts to buzz...its a text from robert says " Morning cutie ;) if ya can plz meet me outside of cabin and my friend wanna talk ;) hope to cya there." of coarse your going to meet him..what do you wear?
  3. what ever you picked to wear, you put it on and race out to cabin 5. When you get there you see Robert and a guy standing next to him. He has brown curly hair, and dark brown eyes. Robert is talking to him (and robert looks like he was going to just die by laughter)
  4. You get there and the one boy looks at you smiles (a very goofy but cute smile) and says "Hey cutie...I'm Cameron.." then he stairs at robert and cameron says "Rob, and you don't tell me there was gonna be a girl...I would have done my hair better...jk jk." you guys laugh and you say " hi Cameron I'm _______" Robert told you that he wanted you out here so he can show you around before it gets to late" he starts with all the cabins...then the dining hall... the lake...the pool...and the meadow. Once you get to the meadow you see Andrew siting out there (reading a book) you guys walk over to him.
  5. Your walking over to Andrew and, once you get there he smiles and says "hi _______......hi rob....hi cameron. what are you guys doing out here?" you tell him about how robert is showing you around. andrew says "oh...well you guys should get back to the cabins we will be going to the dining hall soon and finding out what groups we are in." After that the guys walk you back to your cabin, cameron stays for an extra 3 seconds and says "see ya in the dining hall." he winks and gives you a little kiss, and gives you his phone number :)
  6. You are siting in the dining hall waiting for the consulars to come in. *****five minutes later***** They are here and they are calling out names for there groups. there are 4 groups. group A (consular Richard) group B ( consular katie) group c (consular Phil) and group d (lol) (consular Maya) names are being called you heard farron's name (he is in group B) robert and cameron (they are in group C) Chris's name (group D) then you heard your name and andrew's name being called to group A.... Richard doesn't look to happy about Andrew being in his group. But he is trilled that you are in i his group (lol Richard like you o.O)
  7. Andrew is also trilled that you are in his anyway you eat breakfast with them....then you have and hour after that of free time....then you have to go with your group down to the vollyball court (btw lol the groups are only to make sure people dont get lost and for so games that you will be doing)
  8. ok im gonna end it there and yea...random questions again...fav color???
  9. favorite song??
  10. ok please comment!!!

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