summer camp love story

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU START: ok its my first time and i really hope you like it....and yea

ok so yea this is just another love story quiz oh and you will NOT get powers in this sorry. but and yea i hope you like it :)

Created by: cantstoplaughing
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  1. it the second week of summer....and your mom is sending you to a summer camp cause she has to go to China for her job....but you cant come.
  2. Your mom drops you off at the bus stop, and you see a cute guy standing out there. He has blonde hair and sea blue eyes. you walk out and your mom drives away. Once she does the boy smiles and says "hi! I'm Farron, whats your name" Im _______ you say
  3. After a little the bus comes and you and farron get on. all the seats are full except for one with a boy in it, he has black hair, forest green eyes, glasses, and he is reading a book. farron says bye and sits with one of his friends. You have no were else to sit so you sit with the one boy.
  4. Once you sit down he looks at you like you are the most beautiful person he has ever seen. After a second of stairing he says "hi my name is Andrew, whats yours?" just as your about to say your name a random kid comes by and wacks Andrew on the back of his head. You got really mad and yelled at that jerk, he turns around and he has midnight black hair, penical gray eyes. he stairs at you with a amazed look on his face and then after a while he walks back to his seat. (his seat is right behind yours)
  5. Andrew says you didnt have to do that but then you say that you dont need to be picked on you did nothing wrong. Then you say " OH...and yea my name is _____" The emo kid sticks his head of his seat and says " Hey....I'm Chris." You didn't say anything but and he goes back into his seat.
  6. After that you guys just sat there quitly until you got to the camp.... as you were walking off the bus you bumped into a guy and droped your stuff... the guy looked over to you, he had brown hair, and dark blue eyes and was holding a ds. He helped you up and helped you pick up your stuff. after he said "hey, I'm Robert, are you ok? i hope you are...whats you name?" " I'm _______ and yea i'm ok....Im new here can you show me around?" Robert said of course. He whet he got your papers to see what cabin you were in he also gave you a small piece of paper, then walked away playing his ds.
  7. You opened the piece of paper and it had his phone number on it and it said text me if your bored/need help =).....then you when to your cabin
  8. k thats the end of the quiz (i gotta make random questions to finish sorry)
  9. pick a face (it doesnt count)
  10. i hope you liked it (it doesnt count)

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