Timberlake Quiz Number 1

Okay Timberlake men, this is the first quiz to test your knowledge of the camp you love. There are questions about counselors, tribes, cabins, activities, places on camp, evening activities, and more!

Are YOU a Timberlake genius? Do you have the brainpower and memory to qualify for that prestigious title? Take this quiz to find out! Give it a whirl, it will be fun!

Created by: Will Long
  1. Which tribe won the banner both sessions this past summer?
  2. Who is the Sultan of Fun?
  3. What evening activities take place in the Mike?
  4. These brothers were in Bullrun and Greybeard
  5. The leaders of the tribe involve only a Chief and a Medicine Man.
  6. The highest point on camp is...
  7. There are 6 cabins.
  8. Camp Timberlake is located in...
  9. There are four spots that climbing meets on camp.
  10. On Cowboy Joe Day, everything is...
  11. Initiation happens at:
  12. Soccer takes place at:
  13. How many tetherball courts are there?
  14. The band that plays at Vesper's is called:
  15. The first evening activity is usually Sock War.
  16. Jonathan Davis primarily taught which activity?
  17. What was Dan's first job at Timberlake?
  18. Bobby Boyd used to be Timberlake's Director.
  19. Bobby Boyd used to be a counselor here. Which cabin was he in?
  20. What cabin was Andrew Geppart a counselor in his first year at Timberlake?
  21. Which staff member has been at camp the longest?

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