Merri-Mac Trivia Quiz 1

Good morning all you Merri-Mac girls! This is the first quiz to test your knowledge of the camp you love. There are questions about counselors, tribes, cabins, activities, places on camp, evening activities, and more!

Are YOU a Merri-Mac Genius? Do you have the brainpower and memory to qualify for that prestigious title? Take a shot at this quiz and find out! We know you can do it!

Created by: Anne Archer of Camp Merri-Mac
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  1. What is the Tucker Inn?
  2. Which evening activity includes colored pieces of paper?
  3. There are 16 cabins
  4. What cabin was Dave a counselor in?
  5. Camp is located in...
  6. How are hot chocolate and donuts delivered on Christmas Day?
  7. During closing ceremonies, which tribes sing their songs from the balcony seats in the Mike?
  8. What is the highest point in camp?
  9. The band that plays at Vesper's is called...
  10. What is the first evening activity of each FULL session?
  11. During tribal volleyball games, the tribe not playing goes to Dairy King
  12. During safety talk day for canoeing and swimming, there was a showdown between...
  13. Who is Chach?
  14. Vanessa is from Australia.
  15. Who says the prayer at The Birthday Party?
  16. Who is the queen of Merri-Mac?
  17. What is the name of camp's awesome adventure program?
  18. Who has been at camp the longest?
  19. Who was the first Merri-Mac White Feather?
  20. Which cabin burned down a long time ago?
  21. Name two of Adam Boyd's brothers.
  22. Who is the Mike named after?
  23. What was the original name of Mackey's Green?

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