7 minutes in heaven (pick a number)

7 minutes in heaven! Take the quiz to see what happens with the guy in the closet! I know what's gunnu happen but you don't...yet. Take my quiz and find out! Click it!!! Click it!!! Do it now! pick a number quick! Have fun!

What number did you pick!?!?! It's gunnu be good! I know it! I hope it's not bad...you're gunnu find out your answers real quick! just wait for it! Waaaaiiiit....wAAAIIit! be patient! your answers are gunnu be fine...i hope.

Created by: michelle
  1. pick a number.
  2. what's your favorite color?
  3. what's you favorite animal out of these?
  4. what number did you pick?
  5. these questions don't matter. only the numbers do.
  6. ugh! i don't want to make these questions!
  7. this is sooo stupid! im bored! hmm...Do you listen to Bullet For My Valentine? (they're a band)
  8. this is so gay. >:( get to the answers already!
  9. would you ever name your kid zorgott???
  10. OK last question...

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