summer camp love story part 3

ok so this is my third quiz, and i really hope you guys like this gonna need ideas for the next one so please if you have an idea please leave it in the comment box

ok and.....................yea i hope you like it enjoy :)

Created by: cantstoplaughing

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  1. After breakfast, you walked outside and saw chris (alone) on the swings, so you walked over and said "Hi ok...?" chris said " yea...i guess..... He stands up,(and you do to) and he kisses you....if was nice and slow and quite...until Richard brook you to up.
  2. Chris gives you a piece of paper and tells you to go to your cabin =( you walk away you see chris getting yelled at by richard (who is only one year older than him) You get to your cabin and of course you open the paper and its his phone number...
  3. an hour is over and you have to go to the volleyball court....When you get there richard is explaining the rules and the "captains" of the game. you see farron walk up and he points at you. (since you werent paying any attention) you walk up to him (oh and for people who care he is shirtless and your wearing a bathing suit)
  4. Everyone gets on there teams (Richard is on the other team and he looks really ticked off), and they start playing, farron making a bunch of spikes and you are doing ok.....your team wins after a long and farron get real excited and farron picks you up and kisses you (more like makes out with you XD)
  5. Richard got REAL ticked and came over ripped you and farron apart, pushed you away, and started beating up farron (even though farron was winning) Everyone was cheering on different people and you were just in shock, after maybe 10 minutes of shouting and fighting, farron stood up, walked over to you and walked away(with you) while you were with him he gave you his number,kissed you on the forhead and ran back to the dining hall (he was gonna get in a little bit of trouble)
  6. during dinner that night you sat with cameron robert and andrew...You guys were talking about farron and how he beat the living crap out of richard. "I'm glad he did it, i hate Richards gut and he hates mine" Andrew and Cameron said at the say time. "I think he likes me....he doesnt like it when i kiss anyone" you said. "I dont think anyone does.....hahahahah" robert said. you didnt really care and left.(btw you guys were eating dinner a bit late, so it was dark out when you were walking to the cabins)
  7. the guys ran ahead of you and your walking in the moon light when you see something in the pool......
  8. ok cliffhanger there...part 4 will be out soon if you people liked it now random questions
  9. did you like this quiz
  10. which guy do you like?????

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