A Scene Love Story 4

This is my quiz and I am proud! Plus, there's a surprise at the end! Enjoy! Well I have to go soon, but I'll make the sequel tonight! Bye and thanks for taking my quiz!

These quizzes rock! :) and thanks to all of you who take my quizzes! I appreciate it! :P bye look for the sequel please it would be a great favor! :)

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  1. My stepmom glares at Jack, and then at me. "Oh, Kaysee, I didn't expect to see you here! I best be going!" She finds her little nephew, and walks over to her expensive car, where her dog is sitting, and drives away at warp speed. Typical behavior, but I'm not going back to that mental lady.
  2. "You know what they say, 'when your stepmom ditches you, you party!'" Jack quotes, and I laugh. "Who says that?" I ask, and Jack answers "Oh, you know, they." We both crack up, but soon realize that Brooklyn is gone. "Looks like my stepmom isn't the only one who's ditching us!" I grunt, and try and find her, but Jack stops me. "I was hoping we could be, you know, alone." he says.
  3. I blush, and make a sound that sounds somewhat like "Really?!" and Jack nods. "Yup, and I was hoping we could maybe do stuff" he says. He begins to walk off of school property, and I follow him.
  4. We turn up at a random convience store place, and Jack begins raiding the candy section. "Um, what are we doing?" I ask, and he answers, "Well, if we're going to party, we need food, right?!" "Well dur!" I begin searching the fridges for my favorite, cream soda.
  5. After purchasing our "party snacks", Jack leads me to a private alley behind a store. "Party time!" he says, and we begin rapidly devouring candy, oreos, and stuff like that. But after we've eaten every last crumb and drank every last drop, we soon get bored. "ok, now what do-" I begin, but am soon silenced when Jack leans in and...
  6. KISSES ME! JACK KISSES ME! I, shocked at first, soon begin kissing back and for all I know, we could have been there, kissing for 30 years. But we finally stop when my phone buzzes in my pocket. It's a text from my stepmom...
  7. Cliffhanger!
  8. Look for A Scene Love Story 5!
  9. Bye
  10. Hope you enjoyed!

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