are you an mcr fan

"If you take this quiz you will find out if you are a pure genius or if you deserve to be a bum on the street and have no job or have no money. But forget about that. This quiz is about seeing if your a fan of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE which i say is an awesome band and i think you will say that to

if you are fat,obese or just plain old lazy than i think you will pass this quiz because you dont go outside but you stay inside and listen to music. all the skinny people out there that play outside all day well i think you will fail this quiz and make MCR look bad.

Created by: taylor

  1. what song do these lyrics come from:if im so wrong how can you listen all night long
  2. what band member was replaced in three cheers for sweet revenge
  3. who plays lead guitar
  4. mcr are from ______
  5. what is there newest album called
  6. 2 people are related
  7. who is vocals
  8. i dont love you is from there _____
  9. what is on the front cover on there album that was released in 2002
  10. what is the song helana about (in relative to mikey and gerard)

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Quiz topic: Am I an mcr fan