There are very few people that have a lot of romance. Maybe you have a lot a little or none. Romance is very important as if you have no romance most of your relationships will die very quickly.

Are you a romance expert? Do you have romance in your genes take my wonderful and accurate quiz to find out if you have what it takes to be the Albert Einstein person of romance.

Created by: pooper
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  1. your partner says that he wants to go out on a date you say
  2. your partner says that he has to move a long way away you say
  3. your partner wants to go to a movie you suggest
  4. your partner wants to go on a vacation you suggest
  5. your partner says that he is cheating on you you tell him
  6. you and your partner just got married where and what would you stay in
  7. a
  8. what are your views of having kids with your partner
  9. your partner says that instead of visiting your family for thanksgiving he wants to visit his family what do you say
  10. well this is the last question and I ran out of questions pick an answer it wont effect the outcome

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