~A One Direction Love Story Part 9~

You can stop your grumbling, mumbling, groaning, and moaning, because part 9 of ~A One Direction Love Story~ is FINALLY OUT! Go ahead and read it! :)

So, this part, part 9, is the first day of school for your character! How will it go? It sure does have ups and downs, now stop reading this and read this part of the series now!

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
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  1. Previously: You come back home from the devastating prom incident. Then you are reminded that school starts in 5 days and go shopping with your mother! So there are ups-and downs, eh?
  2. You wake up to the blaring sound of your alarm clock. "5 more minutes?" you moan, turning over on your side. "___!" your mother calls all the way from across the hall. "Eh?" you jump at the alarming voice. "___! It's your first day of school, now wake up!" You open your eyes, bags on your face and your hair a wild mess. "Fine." you reply, getting out of bed.
  3. You walk into your walk-in closet in your bedroom, looking at the neatly organized clothes hung up by the wall. You finally pick out:
  4. Once you walk out of your walk-in closet, you walk over to your bathroom and look in the mirror, noticing your baggy eyes and wild hair. You decide to fix this right away, you don't want to look antigenic! You grab the cover-up and apply it to your face which covers your little blemishes by your eyes and bags hanging on your face. Then you pick up the brush and run it through your silky (imput hair color here) hair until you get all of the layers and make your hair extra soft. You than grab the toothbrush and put toothpaste on it, getting it wet than opening your mouth to brush your teeth. You smile with satisfaction and go downstairs to eat some breakfast before putting on your shoes and leaving to catch the bus to your new school.
  5. Before you leave, you quickly slip on (imput shoe brand here). Your mother kisses your forehead and you come out of the doorway as the bus stops at the curb of your mansion. "I'm coming!" you call, running to the bus as the doors open to let you inside. You look around before taking an empty seat in the back to find people staring at you rather blankly.
  6. You decide to look out the window for the rest of the ride to school. You turned your head to see each student board the bus every time the bus stops at a house. When the bus finally stops at the school, you turn your head to see a sturdy, 5 story building with clean glass windows gleaming in the dim sunlight, a leading entrance covered in lively flowers, and a nice pond with energetic fish swimming inside beside two healthy-looking flower bushes. But that was just the outside--you couldn't wait to see what your school looked like inside!
  7. As you walk off of the bus, you are knocked down by a huge senior and his girlfriend. You drop your books and fall to your knees. "Hey!" you call, but the boy didn't seem to hear you. You grumble as you pick up your books, then you hear a kind voice directed towards you. "Hey, do you need help?" You look up to see a brunette with wavy hair, green tips, slightly tanned skin, and emerald green eyes. "Thank you for offering, but I got it." you reply, smiling. "Oh, alright." the brunette says. "Well, anyways, I'm Toby Smith. And you are?" You get up with your books in your arms. "My name is ___." Toby smiles. "It's nice to meet you. Oh--and this is my friend here, Tara." Toby looks behind her shoulder as another brunette walks from behind Toby and bows respectively. "Hello. I am Tara. Tara Conyers." You smile at Tara. "It is nice to meet you." You, Toby, and Tara then walk in the opening doors of the school, having a friendly conversation as you guys make your way to first semester.
  8. CLIFFHANGER! How will first semester go? Find out in part 10!

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