~A One Direction Love Story Part 6~

Previously: You went on a date with Niall, yay! But, you found out Niall was kissing another girl! (as you're supposed to feel if you're kind-hearted: NO!) D:

How will part 6 be different? There is something coming up in part 7 that might be fun, so keep your eyes peeled for it and just keep reading! It will pop up soon. :)

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
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  1. Previously: You went on a date with Niall, yay! :) But you caught him kissing another girl! (as you're supposed to feel if you're a nice person: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) D: What will happen next? Find out in part 6! ;)
  2. Your eyes are filled with tears, which makes your vision unclear. You eventually find yourself stranded in an empty cornfield. Niall catches up to you. "___, I--" Niall begins. "No, I don't want to hear it." you say. Lucky him, right before you run away Niall grasps the collar of your nice dress. "Let me explain." Niall says. "She was a fan, and see was so eager--she wanted a kiss but got overboard. I'm so sorry, ____." Niall explains. You forgive him and you guys end up kissing romantically under the moonlight in the empty cornfield. "I have to go." you say. "Okay, I'll see you later." Niall says, waving to you. You wave back, and head home. 'Niall is so caring.' you think as you head home.
  3. You wake up in your bed, but in a nice way. You hear lovely birds chirping and lovely flowers blooming. 'What a nice way to wake up.' you think. *RING RING RING* goes your phone. *RING RING RING* it goes again. *RING RING RING, RING RING RING, RING RING RING* "Dear god... who could be calling only at 9 in the morning?" you ask yourself. *RING RING RING*. You answer the phone. "Hello?" you say. Your best friend IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Celina DeJesus (Her name is pronounced: 'Selena DeHeshious' and she has long, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and usually wears her favorite cardigan and blue jeans. She's caring and loving, but sometimes can get overboard and too excited about things.) answers with a "Hey, girl!" You smile. "Hey, Celina!" you say. "So, wassup?" Celina asks. "Nothing much, just woke up." you say, stretching a little bit. "Oh, cool." Celina says in a sarcastic voice but laughing a little bit. You also laugh. "So, I called you to reminded you about that 'event'." Celina says. "Only invite cool people you know! And invite some hot guys..haha!" Celina says. "Okay." you say. "Oh ____, I have to go to basketball practice, I have to practice for the competition." Celina says. "Bye." you say. "Bye." Celina says, hanging up.
  4. You head down your staircase, and do your regular morning routine. (Get dressed, eat breakfast, watch TV for a few minutes, etc.) You feel bored. You play some awkward cheer-leading exercise game which you think is fun for some reason. Right then...*knock knock!* goes the door. You pause the game, thinking it would be awkward if someone walked in on you, seeing you doing awkward cheer-leading. You open the door and see the boys. "Hey, ____!" Liam says. "Oh hi, guys!" you say. "Come in, come in!" you invite the boys in.
  5. You grab some Doritos and eat them. Niall looks at you with puppy eyes. You giggle a bit and throw the bag of Doritos at him. You fall over, and Harry rushes to be the first to help you up. The boys give Harry dirty looks. Harry grins at them. Louis looks at the screen of your TV. "Were you playing a game?" Louis asks. "Oh it's nothing." you say, about to turn off the game console. "No wait-" Louis begins, grabbing your arm, preventing you from turning off the console. "Tell us how you play this game." Louis says. "Erm." you say.
  6. "I don't think you want to see--" you begin. "No no, we do." Louis cheerfully grins. You sigh, very nervous to do "awkward cheer-leading" in front of the boys. You do it anyways, which makes them laugh and chant "Go go go!" you feel awkward doing this. You throw the remote down. "I'm done." you say, blushing. "You got good moves." Harry says, winking. The boys give Harry another shower of dirty looks. "Let me try." Liam offers.
  7. Liam does the cheer-leading, which he is showered with teases and laughing because of it. "Not bad." you admit. "Are you serious?" Zayn laughs. "Yes." you say. Zayn gives an awkward look at you. (like this, if it's hard to picture: o.o)
  8. "So guys..." you begin. "Do you want to come to an 'event' with me?" you ask. "We'd love to." they all agree. Harry has a weird face as in he has the urge to do something. Harry immediately grabs your hand, and leads you into the kitchen. "Hey ____, I need to ask you something." Harry says. "Do you want to go out sometime?" Harry asks. "I'd love to." you say. "How about my date to that 'event' we're going to?" you ask. "Sounds great." Harry says.
  9. You and Harry walk back into the living room and sit down on the sofa with the boys. "We have to go to work." Louis says. "Oh, okay." you say. "Bye, love." the boys all say, waving to you. "Bye." you say.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!! The next part is your date with Harry. :)

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