Foreigner: Part 2

Rebekah's back in action in part 2 of this dramatic history romance. Many new events are happening, along with new people and new surprises! What do you think will happen in this second part..? Well let's find out!

I hope you enjoy this quiz as much as I enjoyed making it! If it wasn't for Kit-Kat (IcyDesignns), I wouldn't of brought back this marvelous series! Please do come again!

Created by: I Forgot My Name

  1. So, life is going out of proportions... Emily's sister is getting married in America, Celeste, Clause's sister, told me something that was absolutely true... And Clause asked me to the school dance
  2. When he asked me... I didn't know what to say. I mean, I have small feelings for him like that.. So I said yes. Emily's friend wants me to be a bridesmaid, which sickens me because I've never been to a wedding.
  3. Celest seems to be pretty nice and funny. She makes me laugh continuously. But what she told me yesterday changed my life, because she told me Clause liked me. I was so shocked. I had never though someone, especially someone like him, would have a crush on me. I'm ugly. Im German. No one likes me. My mom and dad sent me here. Emily keeps telling me that it was for a good reason, and it was very reasonable, but she's just telling me that because she don't want me to know the truth. I already know the truth: my father and mother didn't want me.
  4. They didn't want me because I was using everything up. They didn't want me because I was the only Jewish girl in the German school. I was a huge embarrassment to the Klien family. No one wanted to deal with me on my dads side, because my mom was the Jewish one. I have no feelings anymore, though, so it don't hurt me. It doesnt make me topple over and cry. It doesn't make me want to kill myself. It doesnt make me pitch a fit and get angry. I doesn't make me do anything, only wonder whats wrong with me. I mean they kept my little sister Hailey. But no, not me, because I was older and I wasn't the baby of the family anymore. No one cared about me.
  5. I don't really care about anyone, to be honest. Only Emily and Clause. Celest, I'm getting there. But I barely know her. And I can't take any chances. It's not that I could ever be hated more then I am, but I'm not risking it. My life is getting better.. Kind of better, not by a lot, but I kind of do have feelings for Clause... I really think we could work out, which makes me so happy and excited.
  6. Hopefully, at the dance, we'll dance together to a slow song... Everything will be so perfect and amazing.. I can picture us right now, my hair in a slightly braided ponytail, Clause's hair slicked back.. Oh, that night will be so perfect. And we'll be oh so happy, all my past will go away, and my future with Clause will bloom. And everything will go amazing after all that, right?
  7. I really hope it does.. It'll be the best day of my life if it does. He's my best friend..
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