Foreigner: Part 1

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Rebekah is a Jewish German girl living in London, UK during WWII. Everyone calls her a 'foreigner', because of her relegion, her culture, her name, and other various reasons. Except for Clause, her best friend, and her guardian, Emily.

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  1. "˜Foreigner' is what they always call me. That's how a lot of my neighbors know me as. But what am I called that for? The reason is simple. I'm not meant to be here.
  2. I'm Jewish. A Jewish German girl. Living in London. Hilarious, huh? I'm not meant to be here, I should be in Germany. But you don't get what you wish, right? Life is just a illusion, a myth, right? Wrong. Life is Life. And that's all it can be.
  3. The only people I can trust is Clause, my best friend, and Emily, my guardian. Clause met me as soon as I arrived to the neighborhood... He always paints a smile across my face. Emily's one of my mothers dearest friends who took me under her wing when my mother shipped me off. Kind of like a cardboard package... am I really that useless?
  4. Everyone seems to think I am. Everything I do, everything I say, they always respond, "Foreigner! Rebekah's a foreigner!" It brings tears to my eyes, because I truely know that this isn't where I belong. I belong somewhere else, where everyone is nice and kind, calls me by my name, not by the horrible fact.
  5. Rebekah Veronica Isabella Klein. Known as my name, my real one at least. I've always hated it, even though Emily says its beautiful.
  6. I find it one of the reasons people classify me as a "˜foreigner', because of the capacity of German it holds. Clause seems to love it, but I don't know if he's actually being real, I think he's just being nice.
  7. Of course, him and Emily make up nicknames to call me, such as "˜Bekah', "˜Bella', "˜Veron', and here's Clause's personal favorite: "˜Bells'.
  8. I moved here when I was 7, half the age I am now. I'm 14, and Clause teases me, since he's about 2 years older.
  9. I always just ruffles his hair, and give him one of my smiles, and he just looks down, blushing. My smiles are always special; they always hold a meaning, and are only for one person. Clause. He's the only person who's saw me smile. Everyone else just see's me as a gloomy teenager.
  10. I know nothing about my parents, or family, except that they probably didn't like me, seeing as they just shipped me off to London. Without any goodbye, without anything. Just shipped my sorry ass off. Thanks a lot, dusche.

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