How St. Louis are you?

This quiz is to test your knowledge of the city of St. Louis, its surrounding counties, people, culture and so forth. I wanted to create a quiz about my hometown, considering I didn't even see one that was close to us.

This test may have some odd questions, but they are just about some of our charm. In taking this, you will discover whether you are a foreigner, a US citizen nowhere near us, a Midwesterner, a Missourian, or a St. Louisian. Good luck!

Created by: Kelsey

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  1. what is I-farty far
  2. What food are we famous for
  3. what professional sports team is our best
  4. Missouri looks like a man's face. What part of the face are we on?
  5. what is the Arch's nickname
  6. what is the first word that comes to your mind when you think of concrete
  7. do you really follow the speed limit
  8. how do you like my quiz
  9. True/ false: the Arch is the tallest structure in St.Louis
  10. what is the motto of our weather teams
  11. BYE!!!!!

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Quiz topic: How St. Louis am I?