Middle School Romance~ Part 3

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Welcome to Part 3! It has been quite some time, hasn't it? A good amount of family problems just starting, a bit of friendship problems a new hot guy introduced!

So, Alyssa hasn't changed. In fact, she's become more worse than before! Horrible news come in this series... what will happen to Aidan?! IMPORTANT: Eric does not appear in Part 3 at all.

Created by: BookPony672
  1. She did it and you can't believe it. She finally did it... You received a text message from your ex-friend, Alyssa saying: "im dleting u." After only a few minutes, you open your Facebook and find out that Alyssa has deleted you from her friends list. But little did you know that she also deleted you from her contacts list on her phone. You groan as you try to think about what to do next. It's a Saturday morning and you just woken up. So... what do you do?
  2. You finally decided to go outside and go for a walk around the neighborhood. You decide to wear your normal jeans, t-shirt, jacket and sneakers, tying your hair into a low ponytail. Putting your hands in your pockets, you begin to walk. Your Mom still hasn't recovered from the divorce issue and Alyssa has deleted you from... well, everything. But at least one good thing has happened... you have a new boyfriend, Daniel.
  3. You turn to a corner when you see a red car driving up the road. You can't really see the driver inside. "Hey, ________!" a yell comes from the back. You spin around and you see Aidan riding his bike on the street. You grin and wave, loving his goofy smile. Suddenly, you hear the car engine rise up, getting closer and closer.... "STOP AIDAN!!!" you shout.
  4. It's all happened. All there in a flash. In summary, this day is the worst day of your whole entire life. Aidan rides his bike, without warning, the red car crashes into him. You feel your heart stop for a split second at the accident. It was like in slow motion. "NO AIDAN!" you scream as you run toward the bruised and hurt body. The driver in the red car steps out. You bend down at Aidan's body, but then you look up and see the driver. He's wearing tight skinny jeans, black converse and t-shirt. He looks moody and mysterious. He has pure black hair and noticeable blue eyes. He doesn't say anything as you try to shake Aidan back to life. Aidan's eyes were closed and his beautiful tanned face was bruised. His blonde hair was messed up and he was unmoving.
  5. "Well, what are you doing just standing there?!" you yell at the driver who crashed him. "CALL 911!". The emo driver doesn't move, so you grunt in frustration as you fumble through your pockets to find your cell phone. You finally find it. Your cellphone is a...
  6. So, to make the long story short, the ambulance came and picked him up. He's now at the hospital. You tried to protest, to allow the ambulance man to allow you to go with him but they won't allow you. So now you and the mysterious emo driver are together, standing still. Finally, you have the courage to stand up for Aidan. "Why did you do that?" you croak, hardly speaking properly since you have tears in your eyes and a red nose. "Didn't you see that there was someone riding his bike? Why didn't you stop...huh?!". The emo doesn't respond and just stares at you like a creeper. You glare back at him fiercely. "I'm Alex." the emo says quietly, barely audible. You almost lost your tolerance. "Um...what?!" you grumble. "I'm...Alex." Alex says even more quietly, looking down. You roll your eyes at those inaudible words. "Whatever." you mumble.
  7. After an awkward conversation with Alex, you find out that he goes to Cambridge High&Middle School as well. "Can I have your phone number?" he says a little more louder than his previous speeches. You sigh, feeling frustrated. You want to know if Aidan's okay. "Yeah, fine. It's -------." you tell him. Alex writes it down his palm and flashes you a brief smile. Then he turns away and gets back in his car and drives off.
  8. As you walk home, you notice Daniel skateboarding on the concrete path. He flashes you a grin and waves. You don't wave back, nor smile. You want to get into the house as fast as possible to call up the hospital to see how Aidan's doing. "Hey, babe!" Daniel says as he gets closer. You give him a little smile. "Oh, yeah. I heard about Aidan." he grimaces. "How did you know?" you ask him. "Because one of my mates told me. They work at the Cambridge Hospital and you know..." he trails off. You shrug.
  9. Fastfowarding the day, Daniel takes you out for pizza and you arrive home at 5 o'clock. You can't find your Mom anywhere so you stomp up to your room and find your iPod. You turn on the song:
  10. You get a call from the hospital that Daniel has died due to severe injuries. You start crying and your Mom storms into your room. She has a tall, hunky man behind her. "_______! What are you crying about?" she asks. The man behind her smirks. You wipe your tears and just starts to scream. "Mom...my friend...Aidan. He's dead! Oh, Mom!" you cry. "Kids these days..." the hunky man mutters in your mothers ear. As you continue to talk, you realize your Mom has changed since the divorce of your dad. First she was all moody and depressed, now she looks normal. "Who's he?" you ask your Mom, pointing to the hunky figure. Your Mom giggles flirtatiously. "______, meet Brett. My new boyfriend! And maybe even soon-to-be step-dad!" she announces. You feel:
  11. ... we have to stop there for now. If you want some sneak peaks for Part 4, check it out in the results. I added some sneak peak sentences in only SOME of them.

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