How to survive Middle School.

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Hello. Youve decided to take this quiz because you are nervous about middle school. This how to guide will tell you the essential do's and dont's for both dudes and girls.

i hope this quiz helps you, if you have anything to add or any questions please say so in the comments. Once again thanks and have a great middle school/jr. high excperience.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Okay youve passed preschool,and kindergarten and all of elementary school. Now youve begun your next milestone...middle school. For some reason the very word sparks many mixed emotions... fear,excitement,hope,embarassment.Im here with the help of this quiz and the trusted INTERNET to make sure you survive the next stage of your life. It is especially harder to go to a middle school with almost none of your friends so im gonna make this quiz mostly centered around that and other things too. Enjoy.
  2. Step One: Girls,as hard as it may sound,put as minimal makeup on as possible. During dances at your middle school is the best time for you to put makeup on if you really want to. But,I suggest that from the start of school dont cake your face with makeup, it gives a bad impression. Guys,in one word hygiene,shower more often (it would help out a lot), and be sure to put on deoderant. (im laughing a tad bit as I type this,ah intresting memories.)
  3. Step Two: Pay at least a bit of attention to the teacher during the start of school. Teachers always base what students they like on first impressions. So if u are a perfect student for the first few weeks of school... the teachers will excpect that you will remain the same,so u can goof off in moderation and they will not yell at you as easily. However, pay attention to the teacher if its a strict one then I suggest leaving the joking to all your other classes.
  4. Step Three: In middle school there is practically a club and group for everything. Follow your passion(s), not any clubs you want to join? Start one , teachers love students that start clubs, because they think that student is getting to be "an involved student"
  5. Step Three: Don't go overboad on the hyperness, it is a huge turnoff. I suggest that unless this is your normal personality, taking it easy and not acting like middle school is going to be your whole life. Guys, don't show off at bad times to impress girls. Although, most girls dig a badboy,but if you want to have that image you have to be someone pretty heartless and a bit of a player, which is a turnoff for really good looking girls. Girls, same goes for you, aren't sporty? Try it. Don't just stand there in P.E. hoping that by some miracle you won't get hurt or (Dare I say) "break a nail"
  6. Step Four: Have self confidence. Remember a guy who called you hot or a girl that gave you her number,things that boosted your confidence. No such scenarios? Fear not! Just think of something funny or some song lyrics you connect with. self confidence is key to survival because if you don't have self confidence your an east target of bullies or just plain mean people. Guys, im not saying self confidence means that your the best and hottest ever,don't grow a "full of himself ego" Girls, don't excpect attention from everyone, trust me the time will come for you to be in the spotlight like major dances and graduation, no rush.
  7. Step five: If you aren't an "Overachiever" then I suggest to you to take easier electives so as drama, and innovative presentations. classes which you can use to mostly just talk with friends.
  8. Step Six: Smile! Especially when some mean person goes "under your skin" trust me it will put them in their place and make them "cut the crap" and start bothering you.
  9. Step Seven: Appearance, in middle school students start recieving labels, don't be a person who labels people. ( preps and skater and goths and punk people and etc.) Everyone is unique and your just making enemies by labeling people you still don't know too well.
  10. Step Eight:Girls, don't be boy crazy. Trust me, as hot as those eight or ninth graders seem, you still don't know their personality, they could be terrible on the inside. Guys, don't be girl crazy and put yourself in trouble just to get a girl to glance in your direction, word of advice, it attracts attention, just not good attenton.
  11. Step Nine: Don't stick to the status quo. Stand out, and don't be afraid if you do. that makes you, you and not someone else! Never let anyone change what you stand for and believe in.
  12. And that's it for now. Thanks for taking and good luck!

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